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Where else do our Marvelous Mutants go in “X-Men ’97” season 2? After “Blood of Apocalypse,” Mister Sinister is the one who reversed Gambit’s transformation (provided Remy would join his Marauders). Sinister met a karmic fate in “Tolerance is Extinction,” with Jean using her residual Phoenix power to make him as old as he truly is. Sinister often uses clones, though, so I wouldn’t count him out yet.

In the six month time-skip, a radio announcement confirms that Graydon Creed, former leader of the Friends of Humanity, is gearing up for a presidential run against incumbent Robert Kelly. Creed was last seen in original series episode “Bloodlines,” about to be mauled by his (mutant) birth father Sabretooth, but apparently he survived. Is this just an Easter egg or a sign we’ll be getting an election storyline in “X-Men ’97” season 2? In either case, mutantkind’s adversity is not over.

Bishop, returning to the present, tells Forge they need to return the X-Men to the present-day, but that could take some time. Those two — plus Cable, Jubilee, and Sunspot — are the only X-Men not on a world history tour, so will they recruit some new members to fill out the ranks? Forge’s wall includes photos of potential candidates, including Colossus (if “X-Men ’97” season 1 finally gave Nightcrawler his due, season 2 can do the same for Piotr Rasputin), Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde has been conspicuously absent in this continuity thus far, and her role was supplanted by Jubilee, but her photo is her in her blue Excalibur costume, so might we be getting a grown-up Kitty?), and Emma Frost, the White Queen.

Whatever path season 2 takes, I can’t wait for more of “X-Men ’97.” 

“X-Men ’97” season 1 is streaming on Disney+. “X-Men ’97” season 2 is currently in production, but does not have a scheduled release date yet.

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