X-Men ’97 Episode 4 Throws It Back To Classic Marvel Video Games (And The Matrix) – SlashFilm


The very first reference to real X-Men video games comes when we actually get a close-up shot of the Motendo game system in Jubilee’s room. Not only does it resemble one of the earlier versions of the 16-bit SEGA Genesis, but it has a game cartridge in place that takes a cue from the artwork of two different video games, as you can see below.

The image of the X-Men together engaged in battle, complete with Wolverine reaching out, comes from the original “X-Men” video game that was released in 1993. In that game, the action mostly took place in the Danger Room, where a virus has infected the training facility, making it lose control of safety limits in place to keep the X-Men from being killed. Of course, Magneto ends up being the source of the virus, and he must be defeated after the X-Men have made it through the unpredictable Danger Room.

However, there’s another element of the artwork that comes from a different game. Behind the X-Men, there’s that image of Apocalypse, with his eyes glowing red and his mouth gaping wide open. That comes from “X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse,” where players control five of the X-Men across different levels on the Genosha island complex (if you need a refresher on that location, we’ve got you covered) where they must free captured mutants. Villains like the Queen Brood and Tusk are involved, but it’s Apocalypse who’s ultimately behind them. Of course, since this is an X-Men game, Magneto ends up being another primary threat, as he threatens to destroy Genosha from the space station Avalon.

That’s just the beginning of the video game nods in this episode, but before that, a quick detour.

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