The Worst Things Billy Butcher Has Ever Done In ‘The Boys’ – SlashFilm


In the comics, the Boys do indeed take down Homelander, cutting off the proverbial and literal head of Vought and everything wrong with superheroes. But for Butcher, Homelander isn’t the end game — he won’t rest until he’s killed all the supes of the world. In order to accomplish this, Butcher needs to take down anyone and everyone who could possibly stand in his way, and that includes allies and friends.

In “The Boys #66,” Butcher deems Love Sausage to be one of these obstacles. A Russian superhero who helped the Boys take down Little Nina, Love Sausage and Butcher have broken bread and shared pints, but none of that matters to Butcher. The fact that Love Sausage represents even a minor hindrance to Butcher’s plans is enough to justify firing at him three times with a bazooka, resulting in a painful, drawn out death. All’s fair in their line of work, however, seeing Butcher so coldly turn against someone who he seemingly liked and respected sends a chill down our spine.

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