Andreea Dragoi Drops Jaws With Bouncy View In Her Bikini


Andreea Dragoi, representing San Jose State University in swimming, set Instagram ablaze with a scintillating video that left her followers in awe!

The jaw-dropping update showcased Dragoi flaunting her enviable bikini body in a steamy display. Taking to the beaches of Miami, she effortlessly exuded confidence and allure, creating quality content that left her online audience feeling the heat.

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Andreea Dragoi Enjoys The Warm Weather In A Bikini

The 21-year-old stunned in a barely-there black bikini that perfectly complemented her sun-kissed complexion. The daring ensemble featured a plunging neckline that left little to the imagination, showcasing a generous amount of her décolletage. With ruched cups spaced wide apart, the swimsuit accentuated her perky cleavage, though its diminutive size struggled to contain her ample assets. As a result, Dragoi’s chest spilled out from the sides, offering a tantalizing glimpse of sideboob that left viewers breathless.

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The matching bottoms mirrored the scandalous allure of the bikini top, featuring a mere sliver of fabric to maintain modesty. With a low front and high leg cuts, the bottoms flattered Dragoi’s curves and provided ample opportunity to showcase her petite waist and sculpted thighs. A waistband consisting of thin strings stretched high above her hips, accentuating her hourglass shape and adding an extra touch of allure to her beach-ready ensemble.

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Taking In Some Vitamin Sea

In the captivating clip, Dragoi stood gracefully by the shoreline, surrounded by breathtaking scenery that painted a picturesque backdrop. The ocean gently kissed the shore, while the cloudless sky adorned with hues of pink and yellow from the setting sun added a touch of ethereal beauty to the scene. Despite the awe-inspiring views, all eyes were irresistibly drawn to Dragoi as she commanded attention in her stunning bikini.

The video began with Dragoi donning denim shorts and walking backward, her ample assets bouncing with each step, capturing the attention of onlookers. Holding her tote bag, she turned around with a radiant smile, effortlessly stealing the spotlight and exuding confidence and allure as she embraced the carefree spirit of beachside bliss.

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Basking In The Beauty Of Miami

In the subsequent segment, the model shed her denim bottoms, revealing her flawless figure in all its glory. Dragoi complemented her beach look with white slides and a sleek black cap, adding a touch of casual elegance to her ensemble. To accentuate her style, she adorned herself with accessories, sporting a pair of hoop earrings and a beaded necklace that added a hint of flair to her beach-ready attire.

“Miami,” Dragoi captioned the post, encapsulating the vibrant energy and sun-drenched allure of her seaside adventure in just one word.

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Driving Instagram Wild

Dragoi’s scorching-hot look left her followers entranced, with an influx of compliments flooding the comments section as admirers couldn’t help but praise her beauty and shapely figure.

“Totally beautiful!!” one follower exclaimed, captivated by Dragoi’s stunning appearance.

“You are so pretty,” added another admirer, echoing the sentiments of many who were awestruck by Dragoi’s undeniable allure.

‘Smoking Hot’

“You’re so perfect,” declared the third user, expressing admiration for Dragoi’s flawless presence and captivating charm.

“Smokin’ hot gorgeous,” chimed in the fourth commenter.

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