Will Diddy’s Ex Cassie Be A Witness In His Federal Probe?


Amid federal investigators’ scrutiny of Diddy, whispers are swirling that his ex-girlfriend, Cassie, may play a pivotal role as a potential witness in the probe. 

As speculation mounts, all eyes are on Cassie, given her intimate knowledge of the rapper’s affairs, to see if her testimony will become a key piece in the unfolding legal saga.

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Diddy’s Legal Woes Deepen As Cassie Cooperates With Feds In Investigation


The father-of-seven’s former flame has reportedly been in communication with federal authorities, offering her cooperation in the ongoing investigation into the music mogul. 

This revelation comes amidst a flurry of legal actions against Diddy, with Cassie’s involvement shedding new light on the allegations surrounding their past relationship.

The pair shared a decade-long relationship before their split in 2018 and, subsequently, Cassie’s marriage to Diddy’s former trainer. 

Sources close to the matter revealed to TMZ that the mother-of-two had been actively collaborating with investigators for several weeks. 

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This collaboration suggests that her testimony may have contributed to the establishment of probable cause, ultimately leading to the authorization of search warrants that enabled the recent raids on Diddy’s properties.

While the specifics of Cassie’s statements to the authorities remain undisclosed, it might be safe to assume that they align with the allegations outlined in her lawsuit against Diddy.

Furthermore, it was speculated that other women who have sued Diddy have also been in contact with federal investigators, hinting at a broader scope surrounding the actor’s conduct.

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