Why Mauricio Umansky Didn’t Ask Kyle Richards About Dating Morgan Wade


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Mauricio Umanksy revealed he was well aware of the rumors surrounding his estranged wife, Kyle Richards, and Morgan Wade, but didn’t think it concerned him.

“There are a lot of rumors that are going around that Kyle is sleeping around with Morgan,” Umansky, 53, said during season 2, episode 8, of Buying Beverly Hills, which debuted on Friday, March 22. “I gotta tell you, I don’t believe she’s got anything going on with Morgan.”

He continued, “Maybe I’m the only dumbass that doesn’t, but I actually don’t believe she has anything going on with Morgan.”

Two episodes later, Umansky confessed to a coworker that he didn’t ask Richards, 55, “straight up” whether she was dating Wade, 29.

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Fans who were disappointed in the lack of insight into Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards‘ split on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills should consider tuning in to season 2 of Buying Beverly Hills. The second installment of the Netflix reality show centered around Mauricio’s brokerage, The Agency, started streaming on Friday, March 22, and (…)

“They definitely have some sort of a connection together, there’s no question about that. They spend a lot of time together,” Umanksy explained during episode 10, which also dropped on Netflix on Friday. “Maybe one of the reasons I don’t want to ask is because I don’t want to put the extra pressure on her.”

The real estate agent alleged, “If it’s working for her and it’s giving her the opportunity to be dealing with our separation … I’m good with that.”

Us Weekly confirmed in July 2023 that Richards and Umansky separated after 27 years of marriage. Later that month, rumors began swirling that Richards and Wade were more than just friends after meeting in February 2022.

Both the country singer and Richards have denied they are romantically involved. However, a source exclusively told Us earlier this month that The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star “really cares about Morgan and there is a strong connection.”

“Kyle was excited to have these feelings after losing connection with Mauricio in their marriage,” the insider said on Thursday, March 21, noting that Richards is “confused” about her love life following her split from Umansky.

Umansky, meanwhile, exclusively told Us this month that “the hardest part” about his separation from Richards has been the speculation about who they are currently dating.

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“The speculation that’s out there is annoying because so much of the speculation is just wrong,” he confessed. “It’s just annoying because it’s just flat-out wrong.”

Umansky didn’t speak further on who is dating who at this point but noted that he and Richards are “best friends” after being together nearly 30 years.

“I’m a different man today than I was 29 years ago when I met her. And she’s a different woman today than she was 29 years ago when she met me,” he told Us. “I think that by us going through this separation … maybe in the future it’ll allow us to meet as the new people that we are. We’re in a good place.”

Buying Beverly Hills season 2 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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