Why Hallie Biden Says She Got Rid Of Hunter Biden’s Gun


Hunter Biden, 54, is on trial after he was accused of deceiving a federally licensed gun dealer, providing false information on his gun application, and unlawfully possessing the firearm for 11 days.

As The Blast reported, the President’s son is currently facing trial for making false statements and illegally possessing the firearm due to his alleged drug use at the time. Hallie Biden was the one to find the gun, and she disposed of it in a dumpster in the grocery store parking lot.

Hallie Biden, wife of Hunter Biden’s late brother Beau Biden, took the stand and told the jury why she was the one to dispose of the gun.

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Hunter Biden Charges With Three Felonies


Two charges claim he made false statements about his drug use on a federal gun form, claiming he was not using or addicted to controlled substances while allegedly addicted to crack cocaine.

The third charge is for unlawful possession of the firearm, which he reportedly held for 11 days before Hallie Biden discarded it.

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Hallie Biden Takes The Stand

Melissa Cohen Biden holds hands with Hunter Biden

On Thursday, June 6, 2024, Hallie Biden took the stand in Hunter Biden’s gun trial, where she testified as to why she decided to dispose of the gun.

“I panicked,” Hallie told the jury, according to CBS. “I wanted to get rid of them,” she said, referring to the gun and the bullets she found. “I didn’t want him to hurt himself or the kids to find it and hurt themselves.”

Hallie said she had thought about hiding the gun rather than disposing of it, but she was “afraid one of my children would find it.”

She also said she was “afraid to kinda touch it” because she “didn’t know if it was loaded.”

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How Did She Dispose Of The Gun?

Hunter Biden talking

“I took it to a grocery store up the road, and I threw it away … into a trash can,” she said while on the stand as the court showed surveillance footage of her in the grocery store parking lot. “I was so flustered. I realize it was a stupid idea now.”

The 50-year-old then testified that she didn’t initially tell Hunter she was the one who disposed of the gun, as she was going to “pretend” it wasn’t her.

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Prosecution Shows Hunter Biden’s Texts In Court

Hunter Biden seen at Trial in Wilmington, DE

Hallie Biden said Hunter Biden eventually texted her about the missing gun. “Tell me now, Hallie,” he texted her after he realized the gun was missing, per CNN. “He was angry with me,” she testified.

“The f-cking FBI, Hallie, it’s hard to believe anyone is that stupid,” Hunter texted her.

“I’m sorry, I just want you safe. That was not safe,” she replied.

Before this text exchange, he told her he was “buying” drugs. Prosecutors then showed a message from the day prior, which read that he was “sleeping in a car smoking crack.”

The messages appear to contradict the defense team’s claims that Hunter Biden was not using drugs in October 2018 when he bought the gun.

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Inside Hallie Biden’s Testimony

Hunter Biden seen at Trial in Wilmington, DE

In addition to testifying that she was the one who deposed of Hunter Biden’s gun and the reason why, Hallie Biden also acknowledged that she was in a relationship with Hunter after his brother, Beau, died.

She also told the jury that she used crack cocaine herself after Hunter introduced the drug to her. “It was a terrible experience that I went through, and I’m embarrassed and ashamed, and I regret that period of my life,” she said, per CBS.

While she was unable to give specifications as to the events that occurred between October 6 and October 23, 2018, she was adamant about not seeing Hunter use drugs during this time frame.

She did, however, testify that she saw a “dusting” of drugs in Hunter Biden’s truck when she found the gun in October 2018, per CNN. Though, she followed up with, “I don’t recall exactly what it was.”

Hunter Biden could face up to 25 years in prison and fines totaling $750,000 if convicted on all charges. The trial is ongoing.

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