5 Reasons Bad Boys: Ride Or Die Conquered The Box Office – SlashFilm


Another element at play here was the marketing. “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” was sold very explicitly as precisely what it is; another “Bad Boys” adventure, plain and simple. Sony didn’t overcomplicate matters by trying to craft some legacy sequel by hyping up the return of characters people might not even care about, or lean on new characters that might potentially be able to carry the franchise for years to come. Instead, they made it crystal clear that viewers were in for another round of crazy action/comedy with Mike and Marcus. That is evidently what fans wanted to see.

This probably shouldn’t even be something worth highlighting but in the era of true franchise obsession, it matters. It’s either a movie is marketed as a part of a larger whole, like the trend of “part 1” paving the way for an eventual “part 2.” Or marketing playing up the whole thing like a big secret, with “Blade Runner 2049” serving as a fine example of that going very poorly. In this case, we didn’t get half a movie and there was no big secret underneath it all. It was just a sequel to a movie people liked that was, more or less, another helping of the same.

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