Who Is Ann Maddox? 5 Things About Tom Sandoval’s Former Assistant


Tom Sandoval’s former assistant Ann Maddox made her Vanderpump Rules debut in January 2024 — and she is so iconic for her discussion about appearing on the Bravo show.

Fans were introduced to Ann during VPR season 11, when she became middle ground between Sandoval and Ariana Madix following their breakup. Sandoval decided he wanted to host a birthday party for himself at their shared home. (Sandoval and Ariana broke off their nine-year relationship in March 2023 after it was revealed that he was cheating with fellow VPR star Rachel “Raquel” Leviss.)

“Ariana’s obviously invited if she wants to come,” he told Ann, quickly suggesting that he could also “get her a nice hotel room” instead. Ann then had to bring the idea up to Ariana.

“That’s not happening. I think that’s very disrespectful and inappropriate,” Ariana told Ann in the February 2024 episode. “If he wants to have a party, he can have it somewhere else. If there are people here making noise, I will call the cops.”

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Ann, it seems, no longer works with Sandoval, despite her VPR appearance. “His assistant just resigned last week,” Tom Schwartz said about his friend during a January 2024 episode of “The Viall Files” podcast. There’s speculation that Sandoval’s cousin Josh has taken over Ann’s job.

“He’s my assistant right now, as well,” Sandoval said on former VPR star Billie Lee’s “Billie and The Kid” podcast in February 2024.

Keep scrolling for everything to know about Ann — and what she’s been up to since appearing on VPR:

1. Ann Is a Podcast Host

After resigning as Sandoval’s assistant, Ann has become a podcast host. She launched the “We Signed an NDA” podcast in January 2024 alongside former “Viall Files” podcast cohosts Amanda Lifford. During their first episode, they discussed Sandoval’s cheating scandal and if Ann really helped her former boss and Rachel send letters during her months-long stay at a treatment center.

Sandoval told Rachel, “Send (the letters) to my house. … My assistant will get it,” according to Ann. Ariana revealed during the VPR season 11 premiere that she saw many letters from Rachel at her house.

“My response to that is, ‘Bitch, I don’t work on Saturdays!’ I’m your girl Friday, but I don’t work on Saturdays. That’s the end of that,” she said. “Also, Ariana wakes up way earlier than all of us because she is a busy, busy lady, and I don’t come into work until 11:00 a.m. So, if the mail’s delivered before then, sorry.”

2. Ann Was Team Ariana

When Ariana was on Dancing With the Stars, Ann publicly supported her.

Who Ann Maddox 5 Things to Know About Tom Sandoval s Former Assistant
Courtesy of Ann Maddox/Instagram

“The outfit I was going to wear to see @arianamadix crush it today on Dancing With The Stars for Taylor Swift night before I was informed ABC has a very solid dress code,” she captioned a November 2023 Instagram post, wearing a Team Ariana cheerleading uniform.

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3. Ann Is an Actress

Ann has appeared in The Office, Two Broke Girls, Indebted and Awkward.

4. Ann Has Made Multiple Appearances — Sort Of — on ‘VPR’

Aside from her season 11 premiere appearance, Ariana and Lala Kent also talked about Ann in a separate scene.

Who Ann Maddox 5 Things to Know About Tom Sandoval s Former Assistant
Courtesy of Ann Maddox/Instagram

“Today Ann was like, ‘Hey, he wants to have a party here. He said that he would get you a hotel.’ I’m like, this is my house,” Ariana said on the Bravo show, referencing the conversation with Ann.

5. Ann Attended Florida State University

According to LinkedIn, Ann is a Florida State University graduate and studied film from 2000 to 2004.

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