Wayne Brady Addresses Coming Out as Pansexual in New Reality Show


Wayne Brady says so much of his life has been in secret — well, not anymore!

For his new reality show, Wayne Brady: The Family Remix, the longtime TV personality is pulling back the curtain on his real life with the people he says truly know him: his blended family, or as he calls them, “the Core Four.” That includes his ex-wife and business partner, Mandie Taketa, their daughter, Maile, 21, and Taketa’s life partner, Jason Michael Fordham, who previously worked for Brady as a dancer and shares son Sundance-Isamu with Taketa. 

As the comedian put it, “We are not a regular nuclear family.”

According to a newly released trailer for the upcoming Freeform show, viewers will see the Whose Line Is It Anyway? alum as he lives as openly pansexual — an attraction to people regardless of their gender — and addresses his sexual orientation with people close to him, including his mom. 

“I don’t want to be depressed anymore,” he declares in the trailer. “I don’t want to feel this weight anymore.”

“People see their social media posts — from vacations to dancing in TikToks — but what’s behind the joyful 15 seconds of fun?” a synopsis of the show reads. “Their real life is not always as easy and as simple as it seems.”

Nearly a year ago, Brady came out as pansexual. As explained to ET at the time, he looks at pansexuality as being “able to love whomever I want no matter the vessel.”

“I’m saying it is very possible for me to be attracted to the man because of the person,” he explained, “and I can be attracted to this beautiful woman like you because of the person.”

In sharing his truth, the star has gained a sense of freedom. 

“The best part is, now that I’ve said this out loud, I don’t have to worry,” Brady told ET. “I could show up at a red carpet. I could be at Denny’s for all you know, I’m not ducking anybody… because it is what it is, and I’m free to do that.”

Wayne Brady: The Family Remix will premiere on Freeform on Wednesday, July 24, at 10 p.m. ET and the next day on Hulu.



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