Viral Clip Of JoJo Siwa ‘Feeling Herself’ Takes Social Media By Storm


JoJo Siwa, 21, recently performed at Los Angeles’ Pride in Park concert on Saturday, June 8, where she performed questionable behaviors.

From child star to pop icon, JoJo is seemingly trying to prove she is an adult. However, this has backfired, with many fans mocking her for getting drunk at Walt Disney World for her 21st birthday.

More recently, JoJo Siwa decided to take things a step further as she put her hands down her pants and groped herself live on stage — and social media is having a field day with the viral video clip.

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Did JoJo Siwa Really Just Grope Herself Live On Stage?


While TikToker, who shared the video clip, tried to emphasize that JoJo sang her new song live, others couldn’t help but notice her hand placement.

During her performance, JoJo is seen feeling herself, slowly moving her hand down under her shorts (yes, you read that right) before proceeding to grab her chest — again, under her clothes.

“Raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by Jojo Siwa,” one TikToker wrote, referencing the iconic 2004 comedy, “Mean Girls.”

“No one is commenting how she was feeling herself during the performance!” another claimed, although, it’s safe to say they 100% are…

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Social Media Can’t Believe Their Eyes

JoJo Siwa performs live on stage

Several others continued to bombard the comments section, hilariously pointing out the fact that JoJo Siwa groped herself live on stage.

“JoJo, why are your hands in your pants?” one user asked as another individual claims they will never “recover” after seeing the video. “I don’t think I will ever recover from this,” they commented.

“The way my face was disgusted so quickly, like, don’t get me wrong, I love me some JOJO, but why she doing that on stage, omg,” another said.

“TOO LOW JOJO TOO LOW,” one social media user expressed.

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See The Video

But social media didn’t stop there. After seeing the shocking clip, thousands more users flooded the comments section.

“Imagine a meet and greet after, and you gotta shake that hand,” one social media user hilariously commented — although we sure hope she washed her hands before meeting any fans.

“JOJO GET YOUR HAND OUT OF THERE,” another expressed as a third commented, “I didn’t really want to see her put her hand down her pants, but okay.”


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JoJo Siwa Chugs From A Vodka Bottle During Live Performance

JoJo Siwa chugs vodka on stage

In addition to groping herself, JoJo Siwa also chugged from a bottle of Tito’s vodka mid-performance, with her mother watching. It’s unclear whether the bottle was filled with vodka, water, or another clear liquid.

Regardless, fans did not hesitate to voice their opinions after seeing the videos and photos. “Does Jojo Siwa think that drinking cheap vodka and dancing provocatively makes her edgy or cool?” one X user wrote.

“Looks like she’s becoming an alcoholic!” a second social media user said.

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“Jojo Siwa making drinking her entire personality, but she doesn’t even drink the sh-t that she’s holding in the videos is so weird???” the X user said. “You can be a ‘bad’ girl but not promote alcoholism. Her chucking Tito’s was def just water or she has a serious problem.”

“LA Pride really went from Mariah to JoJo Siwa swigging water from a vodka handle dressed like a Light Bright machine,” another expressed.

JoJo Siwa Slams Online Troll During Set

JoJo Siwa performs live on stage

At one point during her set, the 21-year-old told the crowd about a recent comment she received from a troll online.

“There was a video of me performing and some guy … I stalked his page. He was definitely straight,” the singer told her fans in the crowd, per Billboard. “This guy commented, and this was a new comment for me; this sh-t wasn’t about the dance that I do, it wasn’t about my hairline, it wasn’t that I’m a (5-foot-9) giant toddler. It said, ‘This man needs to be stopped.’”

After hearing this, the crowd began to boo at the man’s comment, to which the artist shared, “That’s how I felt, until I realized two things. No. 1, my d-ck is bigger than his, and No. 2, I’ve f-cked more girls than him.”

JoJo Siwa has yet to comment on her questionable behavior during her recent concert.

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