This Is the Only Sports Bra I Actually Work Out In


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I’ve got a confession to make: most of the sports bras I wear aren’t for wearing to the gym. They’re for lounging around, going out with friends, and just hanging out in. I wouldn’t wear my favorite sports bras to the gym, in fact, because they just wouldn’t support me. But that means I still need one that does, right? That’s why over the years I’ve turned to Victoria’s Secret for that honor, and I found one that works perfectly.

I wouldn’t normally think of Victoria’s Secret as a place that even has bras that fit me, or anywhere I’d find a bra that I could use to comfortably work out in. But I definitely had some misconceptions in that department. And with that knowledge, I’m glad I know that this bestselling bra, which comes in eight different colors, not only fits, but keeps me feeling supported when I do my much-needed cardio and then some. This is my high-intensity workout bra: the Featherweight Max Sports Bra.

Victoria’s Secret

Get the Featherweight Max Sports Bra for just $55 at Victoria’s Secret!

I really appreciate the bra’s four-way stretch, and its seriously effective bounce control. When I’m running, I don’t feel it – and I’ve got plenty of chest to feel when bouncing, if you get my meaning. I also don’t feel like I’m drowning in my own sweat with it, thanks to its breathable fabric and quick-drying construction.

Victoria's Secret Featherweight Max Sports Bra
Victoria’s Secret

This isn’t your mom’s boring old cotton sports bra from Hanes. It’s not a dainty little flower of a bra. It’s going to make sure you’re comfortable and supported. I can vouch for it since I hit the treadmill hard, and I rely on this fit to make me feel like the only thing I have to worry about at the gym is just finishing my workout. Outside of the gym? This is a super comfortable bra, so it’s pretty awesome when it comes to not doing work, too.

If you need a new sports bra, or you’re just tired of the way you have to batten down the hatches of your chest when you work out and need a better solution, this is it. Grab it in your favorite color and see how it works out for you! You may very well find your new favorite sports bra.

Get the Featherweight Max Sports Bra for just $55 at Victoria’s Secret!

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