Veronika Rajek Winks Braless While ‘Under The Cherry Tree’


Veronika Rajek makes most of her headlines from her Instagram, but there’s another avenue for fans. The Slovakian model is active on X (formerly Twitter), often reposting her IG stories to the rival platform for extra exposure. Sizzling as she rocked a skintight top worn braless on May 1, Veronika flashed her killer curves as she filmed herself in selfie mode, and there was some “cherry tree” action going on via a snappy emoji caption. Sending her followers a wink as she sizzled in her low-cut look, Veronika thrilled her fans with another reminder of her assets, also proving that not all of her posts come swimwear-clad.

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Braless Wink And That ‘Cherry Tree’

Scroll for the video. Proving she’s super creative with emoji, Veronika only referenced the “cherry tree” in her caption using images. Catching the eye with her massive cleavage as she posed close up, the blonde stunned in a thin-strapped top in blue and white stripes. Injecting nautical vibes into her look as she posed indoors, the Fashion Nova ambassador rocked her “new normal” pearl necklace in addition to her traditional Star of David one, sending out a cheeky wink as she pouted and flaunted her gorgeous good looks.

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Wearing her bombshell locks down as she kept her glam game strong with a full face of makeup, Rajek placed one manicured finger to her mouth as she donned an array of rings, clearly going for a teasing vibe via her facial expression. “Catch me under (cherry( (tree),” she wrote before driving fans to her website.

Veronika may post hot shots for free as she builds up her fanbase, but the model is getting paid and likely big-time. Alongside fronting Fashion Nova, she’s landed a 2024-commenced gig as an Alo Yoga ambassador. She’s also been flown out for the current Miami-held Formula 1.

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Bikini Bombshell Moves To L.A.

Veronika has left her native Slovakia for a new life in the U.S., but she’s already moved from Miami to L.A., likely to be closer to the showbiz action as her career climbs.

“No, (I don’t go back to visit Slovakia),” she has shared. “If I can be honest, I don’t like Slovakia because people are not so open-minded and OnlyFans in Slovakia is really something terrible. People don’t like it and they think everyone that is working at OnlyFans is a wh*re, b*tch, and a gold digger and they don’t understand the marketing. I’m so sorry for that but it’s true.” Veronika is active on adult platform OnlyFans, although nobody knows what she nets in profits from posting.

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Skimpy Cowgirl Look For Coachella

Veronika made sure that she was a prominent face at this year’s Coachella music festival. Going full Cowboy-core in her minuscule Daisy Dukes and skimpy bralette, the model flashed her insane abs and long legs while rocking cowboy boots. “Body funk & day 2,” she captioned the snap.

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