Veronika Rajek Explains Apparent Chest Exposure In Mesh Underwear


Veronika Rajek made sure to clarify that the “nipple” situation going on in her June 2022 Instagram share was, in fact, a nipple cover situation. Thrilling her 6.8 million followers with more hot shots, the blonde bombshell stripped down to a sexy mesh undies look, flaunting her insane curves and also earning herself some cash. Posting to honor her ongoing deal with apparel brand Fashion Nova, Rajek sizzled in her skimpy black two-piece, also delivering her signature personality via her caption. Fans have left the new Alo Yoga face over 44,000 likes.

Bikini Bombshell Stuns In Mesh Undies

Scroll for the photos. Striking poses amid tan drapes peeping nearby greenery and natural daylight, Veronika upped the ante from the get-go.

Sizzling in a plunging mesh bra that afforded sheer aspects, the former Miss Slovakia showed off her killer cleavage and toned abs, also hiking one leg up as she flashed her long limbs. Drawing the eye to those curves via her embellished, low-cut bra, Veronika also captivated fans as she threw out direct eye contact while rocking her light locks down.

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Going skintight with her matching briefs as she placed one hand to her thigh, Veronika dropped two hot shots in her lingerie, and fans likely couldn’t help but notice that the see-through fabrics were flashing a lot of chest. Rajek took to her caption to clarify what was going on, writing: “In case you just fell in love with me, these are not my ni//pples, but rather it’s ni//pple covers (also available at fashionnova.com).”

The Instagram star made sure to tag Fashion Nova as fans flooded the comments. “Speechless,” one user replied. “Stunning,” another wrote.

Bikini Queen Goes ‘Miss America’

Veronika turned heads last fall as she went star-spangled in a tiny bikini to show off her “Miss America” look for Halloween. Posting for the annual calendar date and adding coordinating headwear and angel wings to her look, Veronika took a moment to appreciate being in the U.S. as she shaded her native Slovakia.

“This year I didn’t choose scary outfit, because there is already enough scariness in this world,” she wrote, adding: “I chose something what I love and that is the United States of America. Obviously, lot of you will be commenting why I didn’t wear flag of my own country, well actually, I did. I wore US flag theme costume, because this country gave me opportunities, better life and spreaded out wings that had been always cut and burned where I was born.”

Hottie In L.A.

Continuing, the former Miami resident told fans: ” America means a lot to me and it was always a dream to live here and work on my dreams. I have been becoming the best version of myself everyday, because in this country you have to prove and deliver the best version of yourself.”

Veronika has now left the Floridian city for a new life in L.A.

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