Veronika Rajek Discusses Breakfast In Her Kitchen Underwear


Veronika Rajek seemingly had an appetite as she updated her Instagram in a skimpy look this weekend. The Slovakian model ditched her signature bikini for an undies look as she posed from her kitchen, and she made that caption interactive. Asking her 6 million+ followers what their “breakfast pick” is, Veronika also thrilled her fans with a display of her jaw-dropping figure, choosing an unbuttoned Daisy Dukes look as she posed in plunging underwear. Showing off her killer cleavage and insanely toned abs, the blonde proved that those IG-documented workouts are paying off, but likewise that she comes with an appetite.

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Veronika Rajek Talks Breakfast In Her Undies

Scroll for the photo. Leaving little to the imagination as she leaned against a granite countertop and gazed to the side, Veronika flashed her assets in a low-cut, white bra, going a little sheer between her soft-molded cups and with a bust bow adding feminine accents.

Showing off her rippling torso as she wore matching, high-waisted briefs, the Fashion Nova partner wore her teeny denim shorts unbuttoned, showing hints of her long legs as she continues to turn heads with her 5’11” frame.

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Rocking a pearl necklace from designer Christian Dior, Veronika completed her look with her signature Star of David necklace, also wearing rings and bracelets. Glamming up with a matte face of makeup complete with flawless contour and blush, the swimwear queen stunned as she posed with parted lips, and there was more for anyone clicking her bio. “From savory to sweet, what’s your breakfast pick?” she wrote.

“Check my bio for my fav breakfast,” Rajek added. The star’s bio redirects to various sites, not limited to her Amazon page and website intro, which states her favorite foods to be “crêpes with Nutella and strawberries.”

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What She Eats

Saying that she “cannot share” her “diet secret” as she doesn’t diet, Veronika told the Pillow Talk podcast:

“I only eat like five or six foods all year long. I work out normal like running, squats and abs, 1 hour 30 mins of workout time, I only eat like Greek salads, tomato soup, grapes with Nutella and strawberries, spaghetti and some Slovak food.”

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Says She Hates McDonald’s

Veronika may be loving her new life in America, but she’s no fan of the country’s most famous fast-food chain.

Continuing, the former Miss Slovakia added: “I had McDonald’s when I was like 16. When I was working as a model in Milan and I only had a few Euros, I went to Mcdonald’s and didn’t know what it was. I got a cheeseburger and didn’t like it, I don’t eat fast food. I don’t eat healthy, but I don’t eat trash or junk food.”

With a reported net worth of $900,000 to $1 million, though, Veronika Rajek can likely afford to dine out at the fancy spots.

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