Veronika Rajek Celebrates Pizza In Plunging Yellow Underwear


Veronika Rajek had been asking fans for their input on which European destinations she should visit this month, and it looks like she’s settled on one. Posting to her Instagram from Italy on Thursday, the Slovakian bombshell flaunted her jaw-dropping figure in a colorful undies set, showing off her sensational curves and giving a nod to the country hosting her via a pizza mention. Looking incredible as she showed off her bombshell looks in plunging lingerie, Veronika told fans that their summer has “landed.” Meanwhile, her followers left her over 60,000 likes in just two hours.

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Veronika Rajek Thrills In Skimpy Undies

Scroll for the photos. Snapping selfies from a doorway leading onto a sunny outdoor space, Veronika stunned with her fluffy blonde locks worn down and curled, although eyes may have been on her incredible figure.

Rocking a low-cut bra in bright yellow, the Fashion Nova partner flaunted her eye-popping cleavage as she leaned forward to take a selfie in her opening snap, flashing her chiseled torso and trim hips in matching briefs and leaving little to the imagination.

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Wearing a pearl necklace from Christian Dior and her trademark Star of David one, the bikini bombshell posed with parted lips as she showcased a flawless face of glam, returning in profile in her second photo and dazzling fans in her cupped lingerie in the remaining shots. Showing off a pink manicure as she wore bracelets and a fancy watch, Veronika welcomed the June heat she’s enjoying, writing: “Your [sun] has just landed.” An “IT” at the end of her caption was followed by a fun pizza slice emoji.

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Swimsuit Workout Highlights ‘Symmetrical Body’

Earlier this year, Veronika had made headlines for showing off her fierce swimsuit body as she lunged barefoot on a beach and mixed a swimwear showoff with a workout display. Stunning in her skimpy black bathing suit and shades, the blonde showed off her long legs, and she didn’t scrimp when it came to highlighting her confident streak. “It’s not a big deal to make a big butt, but it’s a big deal to make a symmetric body,” she wrote.

Veronika Rajek does occasionally share her eats on social media. In the past week, she’s enjoyed a steak dinner, although her Pillow Talk podcast appearance told a different story. “I only eat like Greek salads, tomato soup, grapes with Nutella and strawberries, spaghetti and some Slovak food,” she stated.

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Plunging Gym Look For Alo Yoga

Veronika Rajek, reported to have a net worth of $900,000-$1 million, is landing more gigs than ever in 2024. Earlier this year, she stripped down to this black sports bra and leggings outfit to show off her ambassador status for Alo Yoga. Fans left her over 200,000 likes for the post.

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