Scarlett Johansson The Blonde Phantom: New Marvel Venture


Key Takeaways

Scarlett Johansson is producing and “potentially” starring in The Blonde Phantom, a new Disney+ series that revives a classic 1940s Marvel heroine.
The Scarlett Johansson The Blonde Phantom series will explore the dual life of Louise Grant, a secretary who transforms into the glamorous Blonde Phantom, flipping the classic superhero secret identity trope.
This project marks a significant shift for Johansson within the Marvel Universe, moving from her iconic role as Black Widow to a new character, showcasing her versatility and influence in shaping superhero narratives.
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In an exciting turn of events, Scarlett Johansson is set to dive back into the Marvel Universe, but this time she’s leaving her iconic Black Widow persona behind. After more than a year of hushed whispers and rampant speculation, the secret’s finally out—Johansson is at the helm of a thrilling new project for Disney+, and it’s not what you might expect.

Enter The Blonde Phantom: A Nostalgic Heroine Makes a Modern Comeback

Johansson is taking on the producer role for a series that will bring The Blonde Phantom, a captivating crime fighter from the golden age of comics, into the modern era. This mid-1940s heroine, who dazzled readers with her masked adventures, is set for a spectacular revival on Disney+.

Scarlett Johansson The Blonde Phantom: New Marvel Venture 2

Partnering with Marvel’s maestro Kevin Feige, Johansson is steering the project with an evident passion for the source material. While it remains under wraps whether she will step into the shoes of the titular character, the possibility of Johansson portraying this glamorous hero adds an extra layer of intrigue to the endeavor.

The Blonde Phantom—a character that made her debut in All Select Comics #11 back in 1946—quickly captured the hearts of readers, earning her own solo series shortly thereafter. By day, the character is Louise Grant, a secretary with a not-so-secret crush on her boss at the Mark Mason Detective Agency. This dynamic mirrors the classic Lois Lane/Clark Kent relationship, but with a twist: Mason is smitten with The Blonde Phantom, unaware that she’s actually his unassuming secretary, Louise.

In her superhero guise, Louise transforms from the stereotypical mousy secretary into a stunning and powerful figure, a change she achieves simply by ditching her glasses and letting her hair down. This cheeky nod to Superman’s own transformation adds a playful depth to her character.

Scarlett Johansson The Blonde Phantom – Why This Role, and Why Now?

The choice of The Blonde Phantom for Johansson could be seen as a bold move, considering her deep association with Black Widow. Marvel has traditionally kept its actors within their original roles across the cinematic universe, making Johansson’s pivot a notable exception.

This series not only provides a fresh narrative within the Marvel landscape but also reinvigorates a beloved character who hasn’t had the spotlight in decades. After her initial run ended in 1949, Louise Grant continued to appear in comics, most notably as a sidekick in The Sensational She-Hulk from 1989 to 1994.

Johansson’s production promises to balance nostalgia with modern storytelling, offering a series that appeals to long-time fans and new audiences alike. With her proven track record both in front of and behind the camera, Johansson is poised to bring The Blonde Phantom into the 21st century with style and substance.

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