Aubrey Plaza Mountain Dew Super Bowl Commercial 2024


In a dazzling fusion of fantasy and humor, Aubrey Plaza, alongside her cherished Parks and Recreation counterpart, Nick Offerman, has taken the Super Bowl commercial lineup by storm. The duo, known for their iconic roles as April Ludgate and Ron Swanson, have reunited in a Mountain Dew ad that’s as fiery as it is funny, marking a significant highlight in Super Bowl LVIII’s entertainment roster.

Aubrey Plaza Mountain Dew Super Bowl Commercial

The commercial, set to air on CBS during the grand football finale on February 11, is a whimsical journey featuring Plaza and Offerman atop fire-breathing dragons, a nod to the epic tales of yore, but with a modern twist. They’re not just any dragons, though; these mythical creatures are the carriers of Mountain Dew’s latest sensation, the Baja Blast flavor, introducing it with a blend of adventure and the actors’ signature deadpan delivery.

Plaza, in a recent Zoom interview, couldn’t contain her excitement about the project, especially the chance to work with Offerman again. “It was so fun because I love Nick so much,” she shared, reminiscing about their Parks and Rec days. The ad, while not a direct nod to their characters from the beloved series, carries an essence of April and Ron’s dynamic, something Plaza believes fits perfectly in an “alternate universe” scenario.

The 30-second spot is a rollercoaster of emotions, with Plaza “having a blast” amidst a series of comically unfortunate events. From being stuck in an elevator to enduring a playful assault by children at a pool party, and even taking a few hits in a boxing ring, Plaza’s charm and wit shine through, making each moment memorable.

This rare on-screen reunion has fans buzzing with speculation about a potential Parks and Recreation revival. Plaza, ever the jest, teased the idea of a crossover with Game of Thrones, imagining April and Ron’s time-traveling adventures on dragonback. While it’s all in good fun, the notion has certainly sparked imaginations.

Off-screen, Plaza’s Super Bowl traditions are deeply rooted in camaraderie and laughter, often spent with friends like Nick Kroll and a host of comedy greats, making the commercial’s premiere even more special for her. As a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan, Plaza’s Super Bowl weekend is set to be a blend of personal and professional celebrations.

The anticipation for the ad’s release was palpable, with a scheduled YouTube premiere at noon ET on February 6, ahead of the Super Bowl LVIII live stream on Paramount+ on February 11. As the big game approaches, all eyes will be on Plaza and Offerman, whose dynamic partnership promises to deliver not just a refreshing new drink, but a refreshing take on Super Bowl commercials.

Aubrey Plaza Mountain Dew Ad

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