Us Weekly’s Breaking Beauty: First Aid Beauty’s Bronze and Glow Drops 


On this week’s episode of Us Weekly’s Breaking Beauty, Crista Lacqua and I (Robyn Merrett), tested First Aid Beauty’s new Bronze + Glow Drops With Niacinamide, which retails for $28. 

While I’ve never used any bronzers in my life (I know, shocking), I was excited because I am a big First Aid Beauty fan. The brand is great for sensitive skin, and I can’t travel without First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream, which soothes my eczema flare ups around my eyes. 

Like the rest of the line, the Bronze + Glow Drops prioritize skin health through the star ingredients: niacinamide, glycerin and micro-pearls, which provide moisture, hydration and an “instant glow.” 

The makeup aspect kicks in with the bronze color, which creates a soft glow while also evening skin tone and blurring pores.

When I first applied the drops, I noticed that it felt like a serum and went on quite easily. I didn’t need a brush; I simply used my fingers to spread the liquid into my skin. (At the time of application, I only had on moisturizer and sunscreen.) 

Crista, for her part, applied it “into the hairline” to avoid dark lines. She gushed that the drops are a “perfect finishing touch” as it brightened up her face and gave her the “glow” she was looking for. 

I felt it was pretty, subtle and ideal for a no-makeup makeup beat. 

What we loved most about the drops is that the product is buildable, meaning you can team mix it with skincare like moisturizer or a foundation to enhance one’s appearance. 

To see our full analysis, watch the video above and let Us know what you think in the comments sections on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. 

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