UPDATE: Michigan Man In Viral Court Video Says His License Suspension Was Supposed To Be Lifted In 2022 


Corey Harris is speaking out after an alleged clerical error regarding his license turned him into a viral court meme. For context, Harris is the Michigan man a judge believed was driving with a suspended license while appearing in virtual court.

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Here’s What Happened With Corey Harris’ License Suspension

Turns out that the court lifted the license suspension in 2022. However, the paperwork never made it to the agency responsible for reinstatement. Now, Corey Harris is dealing with the fallout of becoming a public joke!

“With the type of ties that I have with the church and the community, it’s very embarrassing,” Harris told 7 News Detroit (WXYZ).

As mentioned, he also revealed that his license suspension was “supposed to have been lifted two years ago, but they didn’t.” 

So here’s what happened, according to 7 News Detroit (WXYZ).

Corey Harris’ license suspension was reportedly tied to a child support case with the Saginaw County Friend of the Court. But on January 7, 2022, Judge James T. Borchard ordered the rescindment of the license suspension, which would’ve allowed Harris to drive again.

However, the Friend of the Court agency allegedly never sent the judge’s order to the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office, which handles such matters. Therefore, on paper, the license suspension has been active ever since. Note that on Friday (May 31), the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office reportedly confirmed that they had never received the clearance.

That’s why his files noted a license suspension when Corey appeared before Judge Cedric Simpson last week. The clerical error led Judge Simpson to believe that Harris disregarded the law and his license suspension.

As a result, Judge Simpson revoked Corey’s bond and ordered him to turn himself in to Washington County Jail. The judge also warned Harris that “failure to turn himself in will result in a bench warrant with no bond.” 

For additional context, Corey Harris has shared that he was only behind the wheel to transport his wife to the doctor. She reportedly had a medical condition that was worsening.

See the viral video of Harris’ court session last week below. 

What Happens Next?

Corey Harris’ public defender has not commented on the mishap, given that they also missed this license suspension rescindment. Meanwhile, the rescindment is still available in Saginaw County court records. However, a county spokesperson speaking for the public defender told 7 News Detroit (WXYZ) that they do not comment on ongoing court cases.

The Saginaw County Friend of the Court has reportedly not responded to 7 News Detroit (WXYZ) ‘s calls for comment on the matter.

The whole reason Corey Harris was in court, to begin with, was to address a misdemeanor charge from a traffic stop in October 2023 in Pittsfield Township. During that traffic stop, his license — on paper — was also still suspended.

It is unclear what will happen regarding Judge Cedric Simpson’s last-week-issued consequences for the Oct. 2023 traffic stop.

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