Twisters Looks To Be An Old School Blockbuster At The Box Office (And For Audiences) – SlashFilm


The film centers on Kate Carter (Edgar-Jones), a former storm chaser who is lured back to the field by a friend to test a groundbreaking new tracking system. She crosses paths with Tyler Owens (Powell), a social media superstar storm chaser. As terrifying phenomena never seen before begin to surface, they wind up in the paths of multiple storm systems in Oklahoma. The cast also includes Anthony Ramos (“In the Heights”), Maura Tierney (“The Iron Claw”), Sasha Lane (“Hellboy”), David Corenswet (“Pearl”), Katy O’Brian (“The Mandalorian”), Kiernan Shipka (“Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”), and Paul Scheer (“The League”).

“Twister” was a massive success in its day, taking in $495 million worldwide against a $92 million budget. That was a massive sum to spend on a film in 1996, but it panned out for all involved. Director Jan de Bont never truly considered making a sequel, but nearly 30 years later, Hollywood decided it was time to revive the idea for a new generation. For many younger viewers, that original movie might not mean much of anything to them. In that way, this could play more or less like an original for a decent percentage of the audience. For the rest of us, it will ideally play like a welcome shot of nostalgia.

Not only have non-horror, non-superhero blockbusters been tough to sell to audiences in the pandemic era, but the disaster genre has always had more misses than hits. “The Day After Tomorrow” ($552 million worldwide) is an exception, whereas something like the historic box office bomb “Moonfall” ($67 million worldwide) is closer to the rule, albeit on the extreme end of things. In this day and age, after the rough first half of 2024, if this movie can beat the odds, it would be a very welcome surprise.

“Twisters” hits theaters on July 19, 2024.

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