Trump Blasts Biden In Heated Debate As They Argue Golf


The first presidential debate between former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden kicked off on June 27, with CNN hosting the historic event.

During the debate, Biden and Trump both made several shocking statements regarding each other, with the incumbent even going as far as bringing up his predecessor’s alleged affair with an adult film star and his several court cases.

Most importantly, Donald Trump and Joe Biden were quizzed about their age and competency to run for president during the debate. The pair gave interesting answers, including bragging about a game of golf.

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Joe Biden Accuses Donald Trump Of Sleeping With A Porn Star While His Wife Was Pregnant


Although the presidential debate started with issues related to their time in office, it quickly divulged into the pair taking personal shots at each other.

Biden, who called Trump a “convicted felon,” claimed that he has “the morals of an alley cat” while bringing up the several allegations and court cases against the former president.

He said, “The crimes you are still charged with… How many billions of dollars do you owe in civil penalties for molesting a woman in public, for doing a whole range of things, for having sex with a porn star on the night your wife was pregnant. You have the morals of an alley cat.”

Trump didn’t seem fazed by Biden’s remark as he replied that he “didn’t have sex with a porn star.”

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The jab from Biden comes on the heels of Trump being found guilty in his New York hush money trial of 34 counts of falsifying business records to hide hush money payments made to former adult film star Storm  Daniels.

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Joe Biden And Donald Trump Argue About Golf

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During the debate, moderator Dana Bash asked the two politicians what they thought about Americans’ worries about their age.

Responding to this, Trump bragged about passing his cognitive test and taking multiple while he was president, noting that he would like to see Biden take an “easy” test.

Trump then noted, “I just won two club championships this year. Not even senior, Two regular club championships. To do that, you have to be quite smart, and you have to be able to hit the ball a long way, and I do it. He [Biden] doesn’t do it. He can’t hit a ball 5o yards. He challenged me to a golf match… he can’t hit a ball 50 yards.”

Trump continued, “I feel that I’m in good a shape as I was 25, 30 years ago… But I’m in as good a shape as I was a few years ago.”

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Joe Biden Slammed Donald Trump’s Golf Claims

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After Trump was done speaking, Biden took aim at his golf claims, noting that he had gotten his handicap down to six when he was vice president.

He added, “By the way, I told you before I’m happy to play golf with you if you carry your own bag. Think you can do it?”

Trump, however, called Biden’s claims about his handicap in golf a lie, saying, “I have seen your swing. I know your swing.”

As the pair began to go back and forth over golf, Trump said, “Let’s not act like children.”

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Joe Biden’s Closing Statement In Debate

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After Biden and Trump sparred for minutes in their debate, Biden delivered his closing arguments after a coin toss determined he would go first.

The president talked about his achievements during his first term, noting that “we have made significant progress from the debacle that was left by President Trump in his last term.”

After that, Biden outlined a few of his most notable initiatives. He promised not to raise taxes on individuals earning less than $400,000 annually and to keep up his efforts to lower the cost of child care and health care.

“We’re going to continue to fight to bring down inflation and give people a break,” Biden stated.

During the debate, Biden struggled with his words and found it difficult to get through his sentences while giving his closing statement. According to reports, his campaign team shared that he had a cold before the debate, hence his struggle.

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Donald Trump Gives Closing Statement

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Trump had the final say in the debate due to a coin toss. While speaking, he took aim at Biden, stating that he was leading the country to ruin and is not a respected president, a claim he made throughout the debate.

“This man is just a complainer,” Trump said of Biden. “He doesn’t do anything.”

Trump slammed the president’s various foreign policies, highlighting migration across the U.S. southern border and the incidents with Iran, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and the like.

He noted, “Our military doesn’t respect him.”

Trump then talked about his own years in office and how he intends to make America “great again.”

“What we did was incredible. We rebuilt the military,” Trump said. “We’re in a failing nation. But it’s not going to be failing anymore. We’re going to make it great again.”

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