Wrap Up in This Eye-Catching LBD With a Chic White Bow Detail


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If you need to pick out a dress to go to an event or to do something where style and class are key, then you’ve probably looked through a ton of different gowns. And doing so can get a little frustrating if you want something with a little more panache than usual. But when you find the right dress with the eye-catching detail you’ve been looking for, suddenly everything changes, and it makes the search that much less frustrating.

You’ll find one of the most elegant-looking dresses with a unique twist at none other than Walmart, and it’s extremely affordable, too. Be on the lookout for the Trendyol Maxi Shift Evening Dress, which is a fantastic option for just $66! It looks like a regular black dress, but the top features a white band around the chest with an eye-catching white bow at the center of it all.


Get the Trendyol Maxi Shift Evening Dress for just $66 at Walmart!

This dress has the perfect silhouette to complement the bow, too. It’s balanced out by being a body-hugging gown that clings to your figure, and ends just above your toes to make sure your cute shoes have a chance to shine as well.

Trendyol Maxi Shift Evening Dress

This monochromatic look only seems like it was created by a designer label, but it’s less than $100 and you can order it from Walmart, as previously stated. So you can head out to wherever it is that you need to go while looking positively haute couture!

This dress is already selling out of some of the smaller sizes available, so be sure you don’t miss it before it’s completely gone. This is a look you’re going to want to make sure you have in your pocket for when you need it the most. It might even be worth buying multiples of so you’re covered in the future!

Get the Trendyol Maxi Shift Evening Dress for just $66 at Walmart!

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