Tori Spelling Approves Of Dean McDermott Going IG Official


Dean McDermott is not letting his separation from Tori Spelling stop him from officiating his new relationship—but his estranged wife doesn’t mind!

The “Chopped Canada” alum recently took the next step in his romance with Lily Calo by making their relationship official on Instagram. He marked their first social media appearance as a couple with a PDA-filled post that received Spelling’s approval.

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Dean McDermott Goes Instagram Official With New Girlfriend

On Wednesday, McDermott updated his Instagram page with two stunning pictures of himself and Calo at The Magic Castle, a private club in Los Angeles. The pair were the epitome of happiness as they posed in matching black ensembles.

For their date night, McDermott donned a light blue shirt underneath a black striped suit and matching trousers. Meanwhile, Calo looked radiant in a black striped dress and stylishly slicked back her hair, which also complimented her beau’s hairstyle.

The first image showed the pair posing with their arms around each other’s waist while flashing bright smiles at the camera.

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In the second, Calo planted a sweet kiss on her boyfriend’s cheek, all to The Police’s “Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” song playing in the background. McDermott added this popular tune to match his praises for Calo, captioning the post:

“Sometimes ya just gotta put on your best duds and take your girl to The Magic Castle. Cuz she’s Magic!! #mylovey.”

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Tori Spelling Approves Of The New Couple’s Debut

McDermott wasn’t the only one to flaunt their romance on Instagram, as Calo similarly officiated their relationship with a sweet post. She shared a black-and-white picture of the pair posing together with bright smiles alongside the caption:

“I’ve got peaceand I’ve got love (red heart emoji) #gratefulheart.

McDermott and Calo’s Instagram official posts received Spelling’s approval, as she liked the PDA-filled images. In the comment section of Calo’s post, she also doubled down on her love for the pair, writing: “Love you both (red heart emoji).”

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Fans Are Shocked By Spelling’s Approval


Naturally, many were surprised by Spelling’s approval of her estranged husband’s romance with Calo. While the “Beverly Hills, 90210” star has previously shown her amicable relationship with Calo, this marks the first time she has publicly extended the sentiment to McDermott.

Some fans expressed disbelief in McDermott’s comment section, with one IG user writing: “The fact that Tori liked this is mind-boggling!” Another echoed, “Tori liked this ’cause he’s her (clown emoji) now.”

Others seemed impressed by Spelling’s cordial move, with someone noting: “Tori liked the post… she seems ok with how fast you moved on.” A fellow supporter bashed critics, adding:

“Tori and Dean proudly supporting each other. That’s the only (thing) that matters. No need to talk sh-t on their situation. Cheers.”

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The TV Personality Welcomed McDermott’s New Girlfriend With A Kiss

Tori Spelling, Candy Spelling and Josh Flagg at Craig's for Diner

As stated, this isn’t the first time Spelling has shown her amicable relationship with McDermott’s new girlfriend. Back in March, The Blast reported the trio reunited at a birthday party for one of the estranged couple’s children.

The event was held at Dave & Busters’ arcade in Los Angeles, with Spelling welcoming her ex and Calo with hugs and kisses. The TV personality, well-known for her bright red lipsticks, left a lipstick print on Calo’s cheek.

She playfully wiped off the stain with a smile, which the other woman mirrored, proving they had a friendly relationship. Spelling and Calo also shared a girls’ moment where they played a racing game together.

Dean McDermott Previously Gave Fans Mixed Signals About His Love Life

Before going Instagram official with Calo, The Blast reported that fans were getting mixed signals about McDermott’s love life. Last October, he was seen getting cozy with his new lady while rocking his wedding ring to Spelling.

The PDA drama went down at Los Angeles International Airport, where the new couple flaunted their blossoming relationship. The duo looked super comfortable in each other’s company, with McDermott unable to keep his hands to himself.

At a point, he pulled Calo closer for an intense makeout session that left them staring sweetly into each other’s eyes while grinning from ear to ear.

As stated, the moment was confusing, given McDermott’s wedding ring. It also didn’t help that his description of Spelling on his Instagram bio was “the love of my life.”

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