Tom Girardi’s Dementia In Question After Peeks Of Normal Routine Spotted


Tom Girardi’s failing health is being questioned by prosecutors who claim they have seen him in moments of normalcy.

Tom Girardi ‘Exaggerated’ Medical Issues


The former attorney is being accused of not being as ill as he and his executor have been claiming, and he may just be fit enough to be prosecuted to an extent for the embezzlement charges against him.

In 2020, creditors forced Girardi’s former law practice Girardi Keese into bankruptcy. The disgraced attorney and some partners were accused of securing financial earnings for clients and giving them the runaround when it came time to pay the money in question.

He was accused of embezzling over $18 million from clients from 2010 to 2020. The now-disbarred lawyer and his associates are also charged with several counts of wire fraud. He is now in a conservatorship by his brother Robert Girardi who claims that Tom has been diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Is That You Acting Normal, Tom?

Tom Girardi's Dementia In Question After Peeks Of Normal Routine Spotted
Girardi Keese

The prosecutors claim in legal docs that Tom has appeared coherent on many occasions.

“Less than one month after the bankruptcy proceedings were initiated, and federal and state judges made criminal, and State Bar referrals, the defendant’s brother filed a petition in Los Angeles Superior Court to appoint a conservator, alleging that the defendant could no longer care for himself or his estate. Without the benefit of adversarial testing, the petition was granted mere months later.”

They accused him of trying to avoid prosecution. “Now, after being criminally indicted for his yearslong scheme, defendant attempts to avoid being held to account for his conduct by petitioning this Court to find him incompetent to stand trial.”

They continued. “Despite defendant’s asserted incompetence, evidence of his normal routine immediately leading up to the demise of GK –- years after defendant claims his purported mental competency issues began –- demonstrates that his instant “symptoms” are exaggerated – an artfully constructed self-serving portrait of a figure purportedly so diminished as to be beyond the legal system’s reach.”

You’re Right; Tom Girardi Was ‘Normal’

Tom Girardi's Dementia In Question After Peeks Of Normal Routine Spotted

The prosecutors noted that he appeared A-OK in the months ahead of Tom’s conservatorship. “He went to his law firm nearly every day and worked on multiple cases, negotiated loans to keep (Girardi Keese) afloat, sat for multiple depositions and interviews, and even moderated a panel discussion with other attorneys.”

Only when his fraud began to unravel he appeared to have all of these issues. “Only after defendant’s creditors started closing in when an escape hatch was needed most, was the issue of (Girardi’s) mental competency first raised,” claims the prosecutors.

They accused the former attorney of manipulation. “His purposeful manipulation of these proceedings to avoid the consequences of a trial directly demonstrate how cunning and capable he truly is.”

Government Demands Tom Girardi Stand Trial

'RHOBH' Star Tom Girardi Indicted For Fraud Despite Poor Mental

The former attorney may not have to stand trial now because of his mental capacity diminishing; it would essentially be elder abuse. But the prosecutors genuinely believe that he is fit and owes the people he wronged.

Meanwhile, Tom’s estranged wife, Erika Jayne, is still waiting for her divorce, but that aside she is doing her part and meeting with some of the victims for a reason she hasn’t given a straight answer yet.

Maybe she needs ticket sales for her new Las Vegas show?

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