Tish Cyrus & Dominic Purcell Reportedly Seek Therapy Amid Noah Cyrus Drama


Even though none of the parties have publicly commented on the relationship overlap and the alleged fallout from it, insiders have shared new insight into how Tish and Dominic handled it.

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Tish Cyrus & Dominic Purcell Are Sorting Out The Wrinkles In Their Relationship


In light of Tish and Noah allegedly not being on speaking terms since the news of the drama broke, one source disclosed that Tish and Dominic attempted therapy.

As the informant told Us Weekly, Tish and her husband are “working on communication and seeking therapy together.” 

It seems going to therapy became significant after the drama “pushed them away from one another,” according to another source familiar with the unfolding situation. They also added that “it’s going to take time to heal.”

These revelations come on the heels of Tish’s claims that she and Dominic, whom she walked down the aisle with in August 2023, have some “issues.”

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Per The Blast, during a March episode of her daughter Brandi Cyrus’ podcast, “Sorry We’re Stoned,” Tish shared that she tends to get “easily offended” and “takes things very personally.” 

The opposite was the case for her beau whom she described as “blunt” and “not emotional.” These patterns led the 56-year-old to admit:

“And that could be a problem. But you know what, this is where I’ve grown, is like, I just feel like instead of me getting so offended, because I respect and love him, that we have conversations.”  

She further stressed, “These are definitely issues. But issues also, because I love him, that I’m dealing with.”

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Noah Cyrus Took Her Dad’s Side Following His Divorce From Tish

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Apart from the purported man-stealing incident, another thing that sources allege drove a wedge between Tish and her daughter is her divorce from country star Billy Ray Cyrus.

It was said that Billy Ray’s decision to end his longtime marriage to Tish in 2022 led to members of the Cyrus family taking sides. To put it more simply, Noah took her dad’s side.

Speaking on the event, one source stated, “Noah is very loyal to Billy Ray. She and Billy Ray have always had a really close relationship.” The insider then added:

“It hasn’t been easy for any of the kids. Their parents’ separation was really hard, but it was also long overdue.”

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Tish Cyrus Reportedly Made Sure Noah Could Not Attend Her Wedding

With this insight, it made sense when many took Noah’s absence from Tish’s nuptials as a sign of solidarity with her dad. However, it was divulged last month that Tish did not send an invite to her daughter and son, Braison. An insider spilled:

“Tish was the one who did not invite Noah and Braison to her wedding and blocked them on Instagram after she pursued Dominic. It was Tish who requested security at her wedding to keep Noah and Braison out.”

Meanwhile, other sources have declared that Tish “did not steal” Dominic from Noah. They expressed that the youngest of Tish and Billy Ray’s brood “stopped seeing” the “Prison Break” actor leading her mother “to pursue him without informing Noah.”

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Miley Cyrus Was Supposedly In The Dark About Tish & Noah’s Feud

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It is worth noting that Miley Cyrus, who attended her mother’s wedding as part of the wedding party, reportedly had “no idea” of any tensions between Tish and Noah. 

A source detailed that the Grammy Award-winning performer did not know “about the drama with Dominic,” and her role as maid of honor was not meant as a snub toward Billy Ray. 

In fact, as the insider claimed, “Miley and Billy Ray are totally fine.” The need to clarify the situation between Miley and her father became necessary following speculations that the father-duo were feuding due to Billy Ray’s split from Tish.

Tish & Dominic’s Love Started From The DMs

Amid all the family drama, Tish sweetly recounted the origins of her romance with Dominic during a February appearance on “Call Her Daddy” podcast. 

She revealed that she began crushing on the actor while bonding over the “Prison Break” series with her two older daughters, Brandi and Miley. 

Despite a missed opportunity when Dominic sent a friendly DM on Instagram in 2016, Tish finally replied in 2022. Their bond strengthened swiftly after Tish initiated contact, coinciding with her divorce from Billy Ray.

While the interaction ultimately blossomed into the romance they share today, Tish did not provide Noah with the opportunity to discuss the situation before marrying Dominic. 

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