TikTokers ‘Ride At Dawn’ For Ms. Rachel As She Continues To Get Cyberbullied


Babies, young children, and parents simply adore Ms. Rachel. The minute a young child hears her say, “Hi, hello!” the smiles can’t be contained. (And if you read that “Hi, hello” in Ms. Rachel’s voice, you know exactly what we’re talking about!)

Off camera, the YouTube sensation has been dealing with cyberbullying since beginning her Cameo fundraiser that benefits children in many areas of the world, including in Gaza.

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‘To Have To Explain This Is Heartbreaking’

TikTok | Ms Rachel

After sharing a video on TikTok revealing that she’s dealing with terrible cyberbullying over her fundraiser, Rachel Accurso, better known as Ms. Rachel, posted a video explaining why this is so “heartbreaking.”

“If your child was without food and water and was starving, would you view that as an emergency? Would you want everyone to do anything possible to help?” she asked in her new TikTok video. “All children are worthy. All children are precious. All children are equal. But some children right now are in an emergency situation, such as in Gaza.”

She captioned her short and to-the-point video, “To have to explain this is heartbreaking,” and in just a few short hours she received more than 260,000 views and thousands of comments of support.

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“We love you, Ms. Rachel! Mr. Rogers would see you as a helper,” one viewer wrote in the comments.

Another added, “You are the special helper. You are a true role model for all, children, adults, anyone. And I cannot thank you enough. We love you so much. Don’t ever lose that part of you.”

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Ms. Rachel Revealed That The ‘Bullying Is So Bad’ A Few Days Ago

A few days before sharing the new update video, Ms. Rachel revealed that she’s been getting cyberbullied over her choice to help all children with her fundraiser.

“The bullying is so bad. It’s so bad,” she said. But I can handle this. Saying I don’t care about all kids, it just hurts so bad. That is who I am.”

She explained that she “loves every child.”

“Imagining for one second what a mom is going through unable to feed her child or give her child clean water or keep her child safe,” she continued. “I can do this. I can do this.”

More than 8 million views and 63,000 comments quickly poured in with an overwhelming amount of support for the popular preschool teacher.

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Rosie O’Donnell commented, “You are rather amazing – loving all children is your gig – I support you and so do millions of others!!” Ms. Rachel replied, “That means so much, Rosie! I watched you daily as a kid! Love you.”

Another viewer shared, “Please please do not cry. This breaks my heart. No kid deserves to be in those circumstances. No kid! Sending love to you.”

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TikTokers Are Ready To ‘Ride At Dawn’ For Ms. Rachel!

Many TikTokers have shared videos explaining Ms. Rachel’s cyberbullying situation and how they stand with her. One content creator, Omar Shaf, is ready to “ride at dawn” with his friends to stand up for Ms. Rachel.

“Whoever made Ms. Rachel cry, we’re all coming for you! We’re all coming for you!” he said. “Whoever made Ms. Rachel cry, we’re gonna get you!”

Shaf’s friends then revved up their motorcycles in unity for Ms. Rachel. His video quickly went viral and viewers shared their thoughts in the comments.

“We RIDE AT DAWN! I’ll bring snacks in the Tahoe!” one person shared. Another added, “I love the diverse support for Ms Rachel. My kids are preteens and I’m ready to rollllll.”

Another TikTok Explained Ms. Rachel’s Story In Support Of Her Fundraiser

Another TikToker, Pam, also shared Ms. Rachel’s story and why she’s currently getting bullied over her fundraiser. She explained that she’s donating to children in Palestine, the Sudan, and Ukraine, among others.

“So it’s a very politically neutral group of countries, and she still somehow managed to trigger the pro-Israel people that just want us to forget that Palestinian children exist or deserve any semblance of attention or support or empathy,” Pam said. “I can only imagine the hate that she’s receiving though, like, relatively speaking, we can handle it.”

Many viewers shared that they stand with Ms. Rachel.

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“IMO Ms. Rachel has always been radical in her compassion for children and her advocacy for parents & families. She is my hero,” one person wrote. Another said, “I don’t have children and I followed her for support.”

And There’s More Support Where That Came From!

Many other TikTokers also created videos to stand with Ms. Rachel and make sure she’s got the support she needs to continue her fundraiser to help all children.

Emily shared a simple video supporting the beloved YouTube sensation captioned, “Can’t do a good thing in 2024.” Her video received more than 6 million views and 4,000 comments.

“She’s a mother to the world. She deserves safety just like the children she’s helping,” one viewer said. Another shared, “She’s mothering every child here, my daughter is the most happiest when she says her first ‘hello.'”

For more information on Ms. Rachel’s fundraiser, visit her Cameo page.

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