TikTokers Call Bumble Out Over Billboards And Apology!


Bumble fumbled and it went far from unnoticed!

The popular dating app issued an apology after being called out for their insensitive billboards mocking celibacy. But is it enough for women to want to continue endlessly swiping on the app? Many TikTokers say no.

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Bumble’s New Billboards Have Many In An Uproar!

TikTok | Ceciliaregina275

“A vow of celibacy is not the answer.”

Many are outraged over Bumble mocking celibacy and took to social media to call out the app.

“You can always tell time and capitalism by advertisement. Look at what’s being sold to you,” Cecilia Regina said in her TikTok video. “So Bumble has all of these new billboards condemning women for taking a break from the dating game.”

Cecilia continued her video by explaining that dating sites used to be free because they are “selling” women to “men without your consent.”

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“And then these companies got greedy for the same substandard men,” she continued. “They wanted to divide them into tiers and get you to pay to have access to them because they said the reason you’re not getting good enough matches, the reasons none of these dates are working out, is because you’re not paying to get access to the high-value men, to the cream of the crop. And a lot of women were falling for that.”

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‘The Backlash Has Already Started’

In a follow-up video, Cecilia breaks it down even further and talked about the “backlash” that’s already happening.

“Bumble ran these new ads criticizing women’s decision to be celibate and now they have turned off the comments on their ads and they have started suppressing our post on social media,” she said.

She suggested that women need to do the same thing to Bumble by deleting their profiles and blocking them.

Many viewers dropped into the comments of Cecilia’s video to share that they have already blocked and deleted the app.

“I just deleted my Bumble account and blocked them. The app doesn’t even work. I’m not wasting my time anymore,” one person wrote. Another added, “I choose the bear.”

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Bumble Issued An Apology On Social Media

On Monday evening, Bumble took to social media to issue an apology for the ads that upset so many.

“We made a mistake. Our ads referencing celibacy were an attempt to lean into a community frustrated by modern dating, and instead of bringing joy and humor, we unintentionally did the opposite,” they shared on Instagram and TikTok.

“Some of the perspectives we heard were: from those who shared that celibacy is the only answer when reproductive rights are continuously restricted; from others for whom celibacy is a choice, one that we respect; and from the asexual community, for whom celibacy can have a particular meaning and importance, which should not be diminished. We are also aware that for many, celibacy may be brought on by harm or trauma.”

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After apologizing for not “living up to” their values and for any harm the ads caused, they shared what they are going to do to try to right this wrong.

“We’re removing these ads from our global marketing campaign. Bumble will be making a donation to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, among other organizations, as a part of our ongoing efforts to support the work being done around the world to support women, marginalized communities, and those impacted by abuse,” the apology continued.

“We will also be offering these partners this billboard space to display an ad of their choice for the duration of our reserved billboard time.”

‘Don’t Fall For This’

Cecilia shared Bumble’s apology on TikTok with the warning, “Don’t fall for this.”

“It actually hits all the points but you still shouldn’t fall for it,” she said. “It is a master class in corporate apology. They named the thing that they did wrong, they say that they’re going to be financially supporting the National Domestic Violence Hotline, and using their billboard space now for the duration of that ad time to support these companies.”

She then explained why she feels this is “still a big lie” by noting that in the apology, Bumble said, “This is not compatible with their values.”

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“Just a reminder that this ad had to go through dozens of hands at their company. This is a nationwide billboard campaign that cost them a pretty penny,” she explained. “These are their values. They’re angry at you for not letting them sell your body for free on their app.”

Others Chimed In On The Situation Sharing Their Thoughts On Bumble’s Ads And Apology

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Many took to the comment sections of Cecilia’s TikTok videos to share their thoughts on the ads and Bumble’s apology.

“I have so many screenshots of terrible profiles/messages from men on Bumble. Are these the men we are supposed to not be celibate for?!” one viewer asked.

Another viewer shared, “And the fact that the CEO is a woman! Zero empathy.”

And the complaints about Bumble didn’t stop there.

“Their app was standout because ‘women made the first move’ and it took one whiney MAN to sue to remove that feature. Men sued so they could harass women on their app and THEY LET THEM,” one person wrote. Another said, “They spent $50K lobbying against the Consent Act – actions speak louder than words and have ignored women’s complaints and concerns until now (how convenient).”

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