TikToker Unveils Much Anticipated Tour Inside The ‘Time Traveler Shed’!


Is time travel real? That’s the burning question on many TikToker’s minds thanks to a recent incident at Alec Schaal’s Florida Airbnb.

The TikTok content creator has shared many videos addressing the topic after he watched a man walk onto his property, enter the shed, and come back out of the shed looking like the older version of himself. With many viewers requesting a full tour of the inside of the shed, Schaal finally obliged.

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Alec Schaal Shared A Video Of The Inside Of The ‘Time Traveler Shed’

TikTok | Alec Schaal

On April 28, Schaal shared a video on TikTok that had many wondering if time travel could be real.

His first video sharing Ring camera footage of a man entering the shed on his Airbnb property quickly went viral with more than 2.7 million views. His second video updating the situation received more than 12 million views.

He has since posted a few more videos sharing information about the man he believes is a time traveler. After many requests to share an inside look at the shed, Schaal finally gave the viewers what they wanted.

“We are finally at the shed. Here it is,” he said as he took the lock off the shed and entered. “So when the police came in here, they went right here, they looked around, they didn’t see anything.”

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Schaal shared that both the washer and dryer in the shed are broken. He showed every inch of the shed and searched for the backpack the time traveler left behind when he emerged looking much older.

He concluded the tour by searching around the outside of the shed and showing where the Ring camera that picked up the odd footage was located.

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Viewers Had Suggestions And Jokes To Share

The shed tour video received more than 1 million views and tons of comments, some helpful and others just comical.

“You should put a hidden camera in there, unlock and have a live webcam,” one person suggested. Another said, “I feel like a broken washing machine is exactly where someone would hide a time portal.” One other person added, “Turn on the washer/dryer. That’s how the portal works. (Actually not broken)”

And of course, viewers had some fun in the comment section sharing jokes about the situation.

“I’ve watched ‘Rick and Morty’ enough times that if you turn those knobs there’s a secret door,” one person hilariously wrote. Another said, “Me scared of doing laundry at night due to popping in-and-out Time Travelers.”

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Alec Schaal Hired A Psychic For More Insight Into The Shed

Schaal shared another video that looked a little more into the mysterious shed. Many people told him he should hire a psychic to do a little investigating and he listened.

“I got a psychic that’s gonna do a spiritual reading on the shed,” he said before she explained that she needed to “cleanse all of our tools first before we go in there.” She then proceeded to sage the tools so they don’t “bring any of our energy into the shed.” She also saged herself and Schaal and explained that she wouldn’t be saging the shed.

“We’re not saging the shed because we wanna make sure we’re reading the energy exactly how it is. If a time traveler was there, when he was there,” she explained. “We can get all that information.”

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As she entered the shed, she said she felt that the energy was “a lot denser,” especially in the corner by the broken washer.

The Psychic Used A Pendulum And Asked Questions Inside The Shed

Alec Schaal on TikTok
TikTok | Alec Schaal

When the psychic asked if there was any supernatural activity happening in the shed, the pendulum spun in a particular way to signify a yes response.

“Is the shed a portal to somewhere else?” she asked. “Energy is super dense over here. Dense means heavy so if there’s a flow, that means there’s more energy circulating.”

She came to the conclusion that the washer is “not the portal.” Next up, she checked the dryer.

“The energy is a lot more expanded. It’s like more activity, like more bugs and everything too,” she said. “Starting to get a lot stronger, if you guys can see that.”

She then got her tarot cards and did a reading to see the overall energy of the shed. The first card that fell was the magician card, meaning there’s “magical energy” happening in the shed.

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“My overall opinion is there’s a lot of mixed energies when it comes to things like portals and I do feel like it’s a portal,” she said. “But there’s definitely some spiritual s— going on”

Many viewers shared their skeptical viewpoints in the comment section.

“You really capitalized on this moment,” one person wrote. Another said, “This went from believable to ridiculous fast.”

Matty Ice Shared His Conclusion On The Time Traveler

TikToker Matty Ice was helping Schaal do some research on the time traveler and he recently posted his conclusion to this situation.

“After a week-long investigation into Master Shedder, or the Time Shedler, I’ve come to a conclusion,” he began his video. “I’m no longer convinced that this is a case of time traveler caught on tape, as I am that this is a case of Florida Man caught doing what we call a dead drop.”

He said that looking at all the facts “objectively,” he came up with his final thoughts. After explaining his thought process he ultimately says the “time traveler” looks more like a “drunk.”

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“With all that being said, I’m not giving up my search for the time traveler. I just don’t think it was that guy,” he said. “Which is kind of, you know, disappointing a little bit, but I had fun.”

Many viewers shared their thoughts in the comments, and of course, jokes.

“Blink twice if the government is making you say this!” one person wrote. Another said, “Plot twist: you’re actually a time traveler and you’re trying to throw us off your case.”

Some simply didn’t believe that he shared an actual conclusion and felt maybe he was being forced to backtrack on his original thoughts that the man who entered and exited the shed was in fact a time traveler.

“A conclusion that is also not a conclusion,” one person noted. Another added, “All of a sudden narrative changes.”

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