TikToker Flashes Dublin-New York Portal Causing Temporary Shutdown


An OnlyFans model and TikTok user decided to show some inappropriate content on a portal linking Dublin with New York, leading to its momentary closure.

The portal, a 24/7 Livestream connecting both cities, was launched on May 8 in a bid to create a “connection.” It has proven to be popular with many Dublin inhabitants, who flock to it in their numbers to see what’s happening across the pond daily.

Authorities are reportedly now implementing measures to combat inappropriate content on the portal.

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Authorities Shutdown 24/7 Livestream Portal After OnlyFans Model Flashes People In Dublin


A popular 24/7 livestream portal connecting Dublin and New York was temporarily shut down after an inappropriate incident involving an OnlyFans model.

Since its launch on May 8, several videos have been seen on social media depicting people using the portal in strange ways.

According to Euronews Travel, the portal’s temporary closure occurred when an OnlyFans model, Ava Louise, appeared on the live stream and briefly flashed viewers.

Louise posted a video of herself lifting her top and showing her chest to the portal with her back facing the New York City crowd.

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“I thought the people of Dublin deserved to see my two New York homegrown potatoes,” Louise said in a video on TikTok. Louise then claimed that she got the portal shut down and that her boyfriend helped her escape by distracting the security.

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More Shocking Incidents On The Portal

The portal, which has become a beloved fixture in both cities, will seemingly go through measures to combat inappropriate use as some individuals continue to use it against its original purpose.

One incident involved a person who flashed a video on their phone of the World Trade Center towers burning with black smoke during the 9/11 attack.

Another video showed a woman grinding and twerking against the screen as the cops dragged her away from it.

“Basically, she was there for about 20 minutes very drunk and was slapping and grinding against the portal before guards stepped in,” an eyewitness explained, per the news outlet.

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The Portal Was Created For ‘Connection’

TikToker Flashes Dublin-New York Portal Causing Temporary Shutown

The portal has become a popular way for people in Dublin and New York to connect and share their experiences. It comes as part of Dublin’s status as a European City of Smart Tourism 2024.

“We are delighted to connect Dublin with New York, which we share a deep historical and cultural bond,” Lord Mayor of Dublin, Daithí de Róiste said after the portal’s launch.

“From July, the Dublin Portal will also connect to other global city destinations in Poland, Brazil, and Lithuania,” Róiste added.

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The Dublin City Council Is Working On ‘Technical Solutions’

TikToker Flashes Dublin-New York Portal Causing Temporary Shutown

The inventor of the 24/7 Livestream, Lithuanian artist Benediktas Gylys, also shared that his creation is an “invitation to meet people above borders and differences and to experience our world as it really is—united and one.”

Although no specific use case was stipulated, Dublin City Council has stated that it is working on “technical solutions” to address “inappropriate behavior.”

The inappropriate incidents have now raised questions on social media about the portal’s regulation and the authorities’ responsibility to ensure that its users are not exposed to harmful or offensive content.

The Portal Has Since Recorded Massive Approval

TikToker Flashes Dublin-New York Portal Causing Temporary Shutown

Although there have been some cases of inappropriate use, the portal has also afforded many across the two cities the chance to connect.

In one sweet moment, the university college Dublin shared a photo of one of its American students connecting with their mom with the portal.

Another beautiful moment involved a girl in New York calling a guy in Dublin after they connected via the portal. Moments like these have led to a widespread approval rating, with the portal’s creators overwhelmed by its success.

“We are overwhelmed by the reactions, which are vastly positive,” the team told Euronews Travel in a statement. “We are not trying to suggest any particular way in how people should interact with the Portals or with each other.”

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The team continued, “Instead, Portals are an invitation to meet fellow human beings and for people to draw their own interpretations and feelings. In this sense, we are also just observers of this event, and it’s great to see the amount of creative energy that people have and how powerful human connection can be.”

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