TikToker Breaks Her Silence On The Homeless Man She Helped And His Checkered Past


It’s all about “second chances.”

After old news resurfaced about Alonzo, the homeless man that college student Sanai Granden helped with a cup of tea and impressive GoFundMe fundraiser, TikTokers following the heartwarming story became worried when Graden seemed to disappear from the app.

She recently broke her silence and shared her thoughts in a now viral TikTok video. 

Viral TikToker Sanai Graden Explains Where She’s Been The Past Few Days!

hustlanani – TikTok

In a recently shared video on TikTok, Graden explained why she didn’t post anything for a few days and her thoughts on the news that broke about the homeless man she calls “Unc.”

“Hey TikTok fam! Did y’all miss me? Cause I missed y’all,” she started her now viral video. “Actually, I think I know y’all missed me because the comments, the tags, the messages I’ve been getting because you guys were so concerned.” 

She continued to apologize for worrying anyone by not sharing any videos in the days following concerning past news about Alonzo surfacing, and said that traveling was the reason she went radio silent. The viral TikToker also expressed her gratitude for everyone’s support.  

“I’m definitely a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and God put me at that place at the right time. I mean, I never document helping somebody, so the one time I was innocently just vlogging and then this all happened,” she continued. “It’s all a part of God’s plan.”  

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Graden then said that “life is unpredictable” and went on to explain that she’s aware of the past news that came out about Alonzo.  

“I felt the need to address this because first and foremost, the same time you guys found out about it is the same time I found out about it,” she said. “To that woman and others that have went though something like that, my heart goes out to all of you.” 

She explained that her main goal is to “continue to help others and elevate,” and going back to her statement about everything happening for a reason, this situation made her “reflect and think about my nonprofit that I was inspired to start because of all of this.” 

Sanai Graden Is Inspired To Help Give Others A “Second Chance”

hustlanani on TikTok
hustlanani – TikTok

“I understand that life happens. We all have a story. We all have a background. It’s just a part of the game,” she continued in her video.

“We were all placed on this earth and no one was given a blueprint. We’re still figuring out each and every day. I understand the importance of second chances and that’s what I want my nonprofit to be about is giving people a second chance.”  

She then shared a personal story that she said no one really knows about. When she applied for UC Berkley her senior year of high school, she was denied. Although it was hard for her, she learned some lessons from that situation and was accepted a year later.  

“They gave me a second chance,” she said. “Also, you know, the man that is being portrayed in the media right now is not the man I met.” 

Hustlanani on TikTok
Hustlanani – TikTok

Graden further explained that the man she met and helped is not the same man as he was a few years ago when the incident happened. She said the man she knows is sweet and grateful and credits that for him recognizing his blessings.

The viral TikTok creator revealed that she’s going to continue to help Alonzo. She also wanted to clear up the confusion that’s going around about the GoFundMe fundraiser. 

“One more thing I do want to address, there has been some news circulating that GoFundMe is holding the funds. To my knowledge as of right now, that is false.”  

Graden also said that if you donated but don’t agree with anything that’s occurred, feel free to request a refund from GoFundMe.  

“I’ve been seeing refunds being requested, so continue to do so if you wish. I’m just grateful that you wanted to donate,” she said. “Your heart was at the right place at the right time.” 

TikTokers Shared Their Thoughts On The Situation In The Comments

hustlanani on TikTok
hustlanani – TikTok

Graden’s video has received more than 2 million views and thousands of comments. Many of her followers shared their thoughts in the comment section with most agreeing that everyone deserves a second chance.

“Unc, did his time.. he deserves a second chance especially dealing with cancer!❤️” one viewer wrote. Another added, “This is the most mature statement I’ve ever heard! Who are we to judge him based off a past we know nothing about!”

Another follower shared, “Glad you’re continuing to work with Alonzo. All of us have a pass some more colorful or dramatic then others. It’s not where we been but where we are now. Hopefully he is on a different journey. 💕”

Others shared their concern for her silence and said they were happy to see she’s back to sharing videos. Since this video, she has shared multiple others with a few being about “Unc’s” situation.

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