The Strangers Chapter 1 Ending Explained: A New(ish) Beginning – SlashFilm


However, we know that “Chapter 1” is not a self-contained movie, but is rather, as Harlin states in the film’s official press kit, “act one of a normal movie.” Thus, we can’t interpret “Chapter 1” as its own story in good faith, and although the film’s final moments barely qualify as a cliffhanger, there are definitely some dangling issues that point to things being unresolved.

For instance, what happened to Ryan? Is he still alive? Do all the townsfolk of Venus act strangely just to further the film’s tone and mood, or is there an actual conspiracy afoot? If so, how many are in on it, and what’s the scheme — do the Strangers’ victims need to be wealthy and privileged for purposes of financial gain, or perhaps because the religious people of Venus see them as sinful? Is Scarecrow actually in bed with Maya in the hospital, or is she experiencing some post-traumatic hallucination? To that end, why didn’t we see the authorities take Maya to the hospital? Could it be possible that she indeed died in that cabin, and we’re seeing her dying hallucination of being rescued?

Most frustratingly, we have no clue as of this article what’s going to happen next, where this story is going, or even when “Chapter 2” might be released. For now, all we’re left with is unanswered questions — which, and this is the final irony of “Chapter 1,” is exactly how the Strangers would have it. Maybe this film is based on true events after all … “stranger than fiction” indeed.

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