The Lord Of The Rings: The War Of The Rohirrim Footage Reaction: Middle-Earth Goes Anime And It Looks Amazing [Annecy] – SlashFilm


The idea of songs and stories seems to be important to this film. “The War of the Rohirrim” tells the story of Héra, who is present in Tolkien’s books as the daughter of Helm, but never named. “Where is the Horse and the Rider?” is heard sung by a character as the camera moves through Edoras, capital of Roham, a poem from the books that the late Bernard Hill’s Théoden King recites in the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. Later, a group of characters talk about Shieldmaidens: a group of women who took up arms when their men were killed, but are now being forgotten.

The footage uses a blend of 3D backgrounds and 2D characters, the camera moving freely as if it were a live-action film. Unfortunately, the mix between the two, and the 3D camera moving around, is never as seamless as in, say, “Attack on Titan.” Still, it looks pretty stunning. The backgrounds, in particular, have essentially been lifted straight out of Jackson’s “LOTR” movies, which “The War of the Rohirrim” clearly means to evoke. From the look of Edoras, the costumes, the designs, and the music, this feels like a proper “LOTR” prequel.

Rohan was the best part of Jackson’s trilogy, but there was a lot that was only implied there. The beginning of “Rohirrim” shows the infighting, the resentment toward Gondor, and intricate politics, as we see a proposal/threat from Freca, leader of the Dunlending, who wants to marry his son Wulf to Helm’s daughter, preferring to keep the royal family in Rohirrim blood rather than submit to Gondor. After an argument, a fight breaks out, and Helm — who looks like he’s 7 feet tall — literally kills a dude with his bare hand in a single punch to the face. It is ludicrous, cheer-inducing, and pure anime.

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