A Scene In The First Omen Had Crew Members Walking Off Set In Horror – SlashFilm


The scene is a big homage to the 1981 film “Possession,” a visceral horror drama about divorce, where a lovelorn Sam Neill chases after Isabelle Adjani through the streets of Berlin as she becomes more disturbingly erratic. The film is now considered to be a classic of the genre, but it took decades for it to become one, as it was heavily edited upon release.

The scene in question takes place in a subway and remains one of the scariest scenes in horror. As our own Debopriyaa Dutta described it in her explainer for the ending of “Possession,” it is a scene of “insurmountable guilt mired in repressed desires.” Adjani contorts and screams alone in a subway station, simultaneously possessed by something and liberated. 

“The First Omen” is shaping up to be quite a horror event. For one, the film’s director, Arkasha Stevenson had to fight the Motion Picture Association to get an R-rating — not to bump it from a PG-13, but to lower it from an NC-17. The main point of contention was not extreme gore or sexual content, but a simple shot of a vagina in a non-sexual context.

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