The Boys Season 4 Introduces A New Villain With A Familiar Power – SlashFilm


One of the most famed super-villain shapeshifters is Mystique/Raven Darkholme from “X-Men.” A mutant, Mystique can change her appearance at will; the process isn’t completely instantaneous but her new skin forms over her old one, no shedding needed. It’s a lucky power because in her natural state, Mystique is a real blue meanie (her son Nightcrawler gets his skin color from her). 

Mystique’s control over her body’s cells means that, similar to Wolverine, her aging is slowed and she’s much older than she looks. Recent comics have even reclassified her power as gene-shifting due to how accurately she can mimic others’ features. Mystique is also a notorious femme fatale (her name homages second wave feminist text “The Feminine Mystique” by Betty Friedan); she embodies two character archetypes known for deceit.

The first super-villain Spider-Man fought was also a master of disguise: The Chameleon (a reference to how chameleons can change the color of their skin). Unlike Mystique, he’s no shapeshifter, he just wears masks (usually depicted as “Mission: Impossible” style latex masks) over a featureless white helmet.

At DC Comics, one of Batman’s foremost enemies is Clayface. A human transformed into, essentially, a pile of living mud, he can mimic the appearance of others and solidify his body into whatever weapon he chooses. 

What sets Clayface apart is his aesthetic, which is rooted in the malleability of clay. Most other shapeshifters, though, have reptile motifs. The Faux-Annie on “The Boys” is such a snake that she even sheds her skin like one.

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