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The music in “The Bear” season 3 premiere is actually a track called “Together,” off the Nine Inch Nails album “Ghosts V: Together.” You can listen to the full track above. The “Ghosts” albums are a series of instrumental releases from Nine Inch Nails; little odds and ends that don’t fit anywhere else. If you’re a fan of the soundtrack work of Reznor and Ross (see: “The Social Network” and the recent “Challengers”), and craving more, these albums are perfect.

“Ghosts V: Together” was released for free in 2020, during the height of COVID-19. NIN released the album, along with another free “Ghosts” album, “Ghosts VI: Locusts,” as a way of giving something back during in the midst of the pandemic. As they wrote on their website: “Hours and hours of music. Free. Some of it kind of happy, some not so much. … As the news seems to turn ever more grim by the hour, we’ve found ourselves vacillating wildly between feeling like there may be hope at times to utter despair—often changing minute to minute. Although each of us define ourselves as antisocial-types who prefer being on our own, this situation has really made us appreciate the power and need for CONNECTION.”

This actually isn’t the first time “The Bear” used music from this particular NIN album, either. The season 2 finale, titled “The Bear,” used the track “Hope We Can Again.” 

“The Bear” season 3 is now streaming on Hulu.

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