Andrew Bryniarski Hit With Restraining Order For Another Roommate Assault


Andrew Bryniarski won’t be winning any prizes as a good roommate, as he allegedly needs to play better with others.

According to legal documents obtained by The Blast, the actor — best known for portraying  Leatherface in the remake of “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” — received another restraining order for assaulting a roommate.

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Andrew Bryniarski Accused Of Being An Abusive Roommate


In the court documents, Lance Daniel B., a 57-year-old man, accused Bryniarski of being an abusive roommate. He claimed he had repeatedly asked Bryniarski to move out as he could no longer stomach his physical violence; however, he refused to budge.

Lance stressed that he requested a civil harassment restraining order because he wasn’t safe living with Bryniarski. He noted the TV personality’s most recent attack occurred on May 1 in front of someone named Tommy Johnson.

Bryniarski allegedly forced Lance against the front door gate of his home and kept shoving and pushing him into the gate. The 55-year-old also slapped and punched him in the face, marking the third time he had physically assaulted his roommate.

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The Thriller Actor’s Roommate Claims He Suffered Multiple Injuries

Lance, per the documents, claimed he suffered several injuries from Bryniarski’s attacks. The most recent assault allegedly gave his left eye “hazy vision” for a few hours, and the punches to the face also left a mark.

As for his previous attacks, the terrified roommate accused Bryniarski of entering his room on April 16 and slapping him in the face. He also shoved Lance down to the kitchen floor in August 2023, causing him to sprain his wrist and bruise his tailbone.

To avoid these alleged attacks, Lance implored the Court to keep Bryniarski at least 100 yards away from him, his home, and his vehicle. If granted, the thriller actor will be banned from their home and unable to harass, attack, or contact his roommate.

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This Marks Bryniarski’s Second Restraining Order For Assault

As stated, this isn’t the first time a roommate has called out Bryniarski for being physically abusive. In 2019, the actor was slammed with a restraining order for attacking one of the men he lived within Los Angeles.

According to legal documents, Bryniarski had been living with three roommates when an argument broke out on October 23. They allegedly argued over house rules and rent, a conversation the 55-year-old ended with violence.

Marcus Silver, one of his then-roommates, claimed Bryniarski “sucker punched” him during the argument. He was left on the ground with a split lip, while his alleged attacker left their home the next day.

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However, Bryniarski didn’t leave without dropping his roommates concerning voicemails and text messages that had them scrambling to obtain a restraining order, per TMZ.

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The TV Personality Unleashed His Inner Leatherface

Bryniarski’s role as Leatherface might be ingrained into his system as some of the alleged texts he left felt like lines from a horror movie’s script. One message read:

“Before you open [your] mouth again and say dumb sh-t to me or about me … remember from here on. Lessons and repercussions in the form of pain and the loss of basic life functions will come find you swiftly and justly [with] no delay or restraint, no regret. I’m not the one to f-ck with.”

Another threatening text read, “F-ck [with] me, and I’ll shatter the illusions along [with your] facial bones.” Bryniarski’s messages did their job of scaring his roommates; however, he didn’t expect them to change the locks of their home or file a restraining order.

According to the documents, Bryniarski returned to their home on October 29 and attempted to move back in with the police’s help. However, the restraining order stopped him from coming within 100 yards of his three roommates.

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Andrew Bryniarski Was Arrested For Animal Cruelty

Apart from allegedly terrorizing his roommates, Bryniarski didn’t win any medals as a pet owner. In 2012, he and a woman were arrested for animal cruelty following the discovery of 25 starving dogs in the actor’s mobile home.

Authorities were dispatched to the 55-year-old’s motorhome in Santa Monica on September 8 after receiving several calls from a concerned neighbor. This person called the cops following frequent sounds of crying dogs from Bryniarski’s place.

Officers arrived when the actor and his female companion weren’t home but discovered a heartbreaking scene of dogs living without visible food and water in their kernels. It also didn’t help that their unclean environment smelled like urine.

When Bryniarski and the woman arrived, authorities could finally check the property, and they concluded the dogs weren’t adequately cared for as many appeared sick. They arrested the duo for animal cruelty while Animal Control took in the poor canines.

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