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Now that we know exactly what “Ten Thousand Ships” would’ve been about (/Film’s Danielle Ryan previously wrote up an explainer on Queen Nymeria’s whole deal), what about the reasons why the series never made it across the finish line? Apparently, writer Brian Helgeland has an explanation for that, too. As he stated later on in the interview, “It came out great, but I think they felt the period of my show was too far removed from the pillars of the original.” In terms of the timeline, this series would’ve taken place roughly a millennia before the events of the original “Game of Thrones,” making this the furthest-flung project … that is, outside of the aforementioned scrapped show starring Naomi Watts, set during an ancient time period thousands of years in the past.

He went on to describe the general setting of “Ten Thousand Ships” as a “big floating city,” one where characters would occasionally step foot on solid ground in search of their “Promised Land,” but otherwise retreat to the sea once others drove the refugees away. Intriguingly enough, this premise caught the eye of original author George R.R. Martin himself, but even his seal of approval wasn’t enough. According to Helgeland:

“I met with George R.R. Martin to pitch him the idea, which he signed off on. Sadly, I didn’t work with him closer, but I would have done if the show was picked up. It was kind of like Ray Harryhausen’s ‘Sinbad’ films mixed with ‘The Odyssey.’ My work is still there if HBO wants to pick it up. I enjoyed my time developing it, and you just never know.”

In other words, what is dead may never die. I, for one, would still love to see this.

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