Amber Portwood’s Fiancé Is Reportedly Living Life On Tinder


According to his dating website profile, Amber Portwood‘s missing fiancé, Gary Wayt, is alive and well.

The “Teen Mom” alum’s beau, or former beau per his status update, was spotted on Tinder looking for a new relationship nearly a month after disappearing on his fiancée. He has reportedly settled in a new city after fleeing from North Carolina to New Mexico.

Gary Wayt’s sudden reappearance on Tinder will surely break Amber Portwood’s heart, as his absence left her devastated and worried for his safety.

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Amber Portwood’s Fiancé Jumps Back Into The Dating Pool

It is unclear if Portwood got the memo about her single status before a “Teen Mom” fan account dropped the bomb about her fiancé’s move to Tinder. The Instagram user shared proof of Wayt’s participation on the dating site with pictures of his profile.

The first image showed Wayt posing in a white sleeveless top, flashing a small smile for the camera. The snap was taken in a vehicle, matching his bio description as a driver working through Grad School.

His About Me profile read, “Just moved recently! Looking to have some casual fun while I get settled into the city. Would you like to join me?” The area he moved to was blurred out; however, his location stated he was 100 miles away from whoever was viewing his profile.

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Portwood’s Fiancé Reappears Weeks After Fleeing North Carolina

The “Teen Mom” fan addressed the situation with a lengthy statement, captioning the post: “Whew, y’all would think I was lying if I didn’t have receipts… # AmberPortwood’s ex-fiancé, #GaryWayt, is officially settled into an undisclosed city and is minglin’ on Tinder!”

“As I’m sure all of you remember, less than a month ago, Gary went missing for several days after an explosive argument with Amber. Gary fled from North Carolina to New Mexico over the span of 5 days during a nationwide search for him,” the fan continued.

Many had been worried and suspicious about Wayt’s sudden disappearance, only for him to subtly reappear on Tinder, a move that upset many IG users. However, someone saw it as a blessing in disguise for Portwood.

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Fans Have Mixed Reactions To Gary Wayt’s Emergence

The comment section came alive with a firestorm of theories, jokes, and quips at Portwood and Wayt’s expense. “Someone! Go on a date with him just to get some info, then spill some tea,” a fan urged, while another described the “Teen Mom” star as the “problem.”

“Can’t imagine calling my daughter a dick on her birthday just to fight and break up with that same guy what? Not even a week or 2 after that episode aired,” the individual wrote, referencing the moment Portwood announced her relationship to Wayt at her daughter Leah’s birthday dinner.

“If she actually cared about Leah and her own mental health, she’d get off this show, stop dating random men, and focus on her children and herself. But nah, Amber isn’t the problem,” the individual continued. A third echoed similar sentiments, adding:

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“I’m just waiting on the documentary ‘Surviving Amber Portwood.’

Others criticized Wayt’s behavior, with someone stressing: “He Could (Have) Told Amber He Didn’t Want Her Instead Of Just Leaving Without Telling Her.” Another theorist claimed: “He did it for clout. He never liked her. Sad, she just needs to focus on herself.”

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Portwood Addressed Her Fiancé’s Disappearance In An Emotional Interview

In June, The Blast reported that Portwood was devastated by Wayt’s disappearance, as she broke down while addressing his status as a missing person. “This is a huge deal, his parents; everybody is very worried. I am worried,” she lamented.

“There was not a big blowout fight or anything like that, OK? He is a missing person right now,” Portwood explained, noting that Wayt left their North Carolina residence without his phone but took his keys and wallet.

He was later spotted alone at Walgreens; however, Portwood suspected he had gotten lost without a GPS in his car to guide him. “We are in the mountains. He has never driven in the mountains. We are very scared right now,” she tearfully confessed.

Amber Portwood Claimed She Didn’t Eat Amid Wayt’s Absence

According to Portwood, not knowing Wayt’s whereabouts left her unable to fend for herself. “Nobody has found or heard from him yet. I’m trying my best to not think the worst. I have not eaten (sic) in three days. I slept maybe an hour,” she claimed.

The TV personality also assured fans that she had nothing to do with Wayt’s disappearance, saying: “I am not what people have been saying about me all of these years.” Portwood added:

“We have not had explosive fights. We are very in love. This man asked me to be with him, this man then asked me to marry him.

“I have not touched this man in any horrible way. He does not touch me in any horrible way. We do not yell at each other … Please understand this: people change,” Portwood stressed.

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