Taylor Swift ‘Unbothered’ By ‘Subtle Jabs’ From Billie Eilish


According to reports, the singer is “too busy” focusing on her Eras Tour shows, although she allegedly thinks Eilish is jealous of her success.

It comes in the wake of Swift being accused of starting vicious online campaigns against Eilish in a bid to bring down a fellow competitor.

Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift recently released new albums amid their alleged feud.

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‘Taylor Is Unbothered By Billie’s Continued Subtle Jabs’


According to the Daily Mail, Swift doesn’t care about Eilish’s alleged attempt to provoke her with subtle shades in recent weeks.

“Taylor is unbothered by Billie’s continued subtle jabs because she is too busy selling out stadiums and traveling the world,” a source told the news outlet.

They claim that Swift feels that Eilish “may have something against her” and believes it could stem from the “Ocean Eyes” singer being envious of her success in the industry.

According to the insider, Eilish taking swipes at Swift contradicted her proclaimed stance of being someone who loves empowering women.

They added, “Billie should really focus on her own album and promoting that instead of trying to tear down another female artist. She claims to be so about female empowerment but does not walk the walk.”

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How Billie Eilish Seemingly Shaded Taylor Swift

Billie Eilish

One of the alleged jabs aimed at Swift reportedly occurred when Eilish appeared on Stationhead to promote her album “Hit Me Hard and Soft.”

During the interview, Eilish criticized artists who put on lengthy shows, describing it as “psychotic.”

While she did not directly reference Swift, Eilish remarked, “My favorite artist in the world, I’m not trying to hear them for three hours,” which many believed was a jab at the “Style” singer’s Eras Tour shows that average three hours and 15 minutes.

Eilish had also previously criticized artists for releasing multiple editions of their albums on vinyl, a practice Swift has often embraced. She described this as “wasteful” and expressed frustration that such artists are not concerned about the environmental impact.

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Billie Eilish Stated She Was Not ‘Singling’ Out Any Artist

Billie Eilish On Comment About 'Wasteful' Album Packaging: 'I Wasn't Singling Anyone Out'
Instagram Stories | Billie Eilish

Eilish released a statement regarding remarks she made about albums in an interview with Billboard, clarifying that she wasn’t singling anyone out and that her comments were just referencing industry-wide systemic issues.

“Okay, so it would be so awesome if people would stop putting words into my mouth and actually read what I said in that billboard article,” she wrote on her IG stories.

“I wasn’t singling anyone out; these are industry-wide systemic issues,” Eilish added.

However, Swifties have seemingly refused to accept this explanation.

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Taylor Swift Was Accused Of Spearheading Vicious Campaigns Against Her Peers

Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes, 2024

Recently, a source close to Eilish said that the speculations that Eilish was shading Swift in her recent remarks were a case of the former weaponizing her fans against her peers.

“Industry insiders aren’t blind to the fact that Taylor is weaponizing her fans and that Billie appears to be the latest victim in that campaign,” they told Daily Mail.

According to the insider, Swift often employs “vicious online campaigns” to target her industry competitors while acting unaware of the situation.

The source added, “Whenever Taylor feels jealous of a peer’s success, she does all she can to make sure her fans start vicious online campaigns to bring that person down without ever telling them to stop. And all while operating under the guise of being America’s sweetheart.”

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Taylor Swift Recently Garnered Praise For Helping A Distressed Fan At Her Concert

Shania Twain Reacts To Viral Jason Kelce Shirtless 'Let's Go Girls' Meme

In the meantime, Swift has yet to make any statement to address the rumors of the feud between her and Eilish.

The singer is currently on the road in Europe, with one of her most recent stops being the Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh, Scotland.

During one of the shows held at the location, the singer paused midway while strumming her guitar and called for help when she saw a concert-goer in distress.

“We need help right in front of me, please, right in front of me,” Swift could be seen saying in a now-viral video taken from the concert, per HuffPost. “Just gonna keep playing until we notice where it is.”

When it appeared that the aid was taking too long to arrive, she used her guitar to help point out the audience member, an act she was later praised for on social media.

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