Sydney Sweeney To Transform Her Famed Body For Next Role


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Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney is set to portray famed boxer Christy Martin in an upcoming biopic directed by David Michôd.
Sweeney, who has a background in MMA, is eager to transform her world-class body for this demanding role physically.
In addition to this project, Sweeney is also developing a remake of the sci-fi classic Barbarella with Edgar Wright potentially directing.
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Hold onto your boxing gloves, Hollywood. Sydney Sweeney, the breakout star of Euphoria and Anyone But You, is gearing up for a role that’s bound to pack a punch—literally. Earlier this month, it was revealed that Sweeney would be stepping into the ring as legendary boxer Christy Martin in an upcoming biopic directed by the visionary David Michôd.

In an exclusive statement to Deadline, Sweeney shared her excitement and a surprising tidbit about her past: she’s no stranger to combat sports. The actress, who once dominated an all-boys grappling competition, told Marie Claire back in 2018 about her love for MMA. “I grappled and did kickboxing from 12 to 19 years old,” Sweeney reminisced. “I’ve been itching to get back into the ring, train, and transform my body.”

Sydney Sweeney body transformation

Sweeney, recently celebrated as a sex symbol, is eager to embrace the physical and emotional challenges of portraying Martin. “Christy’s story isn’t a light one,” she explained. “It’s physically and emotionally demanding, there’s a lot of weight to carry. But I love challenging myself.”

Fans have already had a glimpse of her MMA prowess, thanks to a workout video she posted in 2022 that showcased her impressive skills. It’s clear that Sweeney’s dedication to authenticity in her roles is unmatched.

The 26-year-old actress has been rising since Euphoria premiered in 2019. Over the past year, she’s captivated audiences in Reality, Anyone But You, and Immaculate. She even took on hosting duties for Saturday Night Live for the first time, proving her versatility and charm.

Production for Sweeney’s Christy Martin biopic is slated to begin this fall, and it’s already generating serious buzz. But that’s not the only project keeping her busy. Sweeney is also developing a remake of the iconic sci-fi classic Barbarella, originally starring Jane Fonda. With Baby Driver’s Edgar Wright in talks to direct, this remake is poised to be another hit in her rapidly expanding portfolio.

Sydney Sweeney
Sydney Sweeney To Transform Her Famed Body For Next Role 2

Beyond her recent roles, Sweeney’s diverse filmography includes standout performances in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Sharp Objects, Under the Silver Lake, The Voyeurs, Night Teeth, and The Handmaid’s Tale. Her ability to tackle such a wide array of characters has firmly established her as one of Hollywood’s most dynamic young stars.

As Sweeney prepares to transform herself once again, audiences everywhere are eagerly anticipating her next knockout performance. Stay tuned, because Sydney Sweeney is ready to make cinematic history in the ring!

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