Sydney Sweeney Learned A Crucial Lesson While Making Anyone But You [SXSW 2024] – SlashFilm


If you missed her breakout roles on HBO’s “Euphoria” and “The White Lotus,” then you may want to pencil in a reminder to keep your eye out for future Sydney Sweeney ventures. The young actor-producer is quickly making a name for herself as a new genre queen, between anchoring “Anyone But You” and reuniting with her longtime director Michael Mohan for what promises to be a pretty gonzo ride on the horror film “Immaculate.” She’s even managed to brush off the utter failure of “Madame Web” thanks to a little self-deprecation during her recent hosting stint on “Saturday Night Live.”

By the sound of it, Sweeney has already learned some crucial lessons from everything she’s done, whether it flew high or fell harder than Sony’s latest failed attempt to build a cinematic universe out of B-list and C-list “Spider-Man” characters. With “Anyone But You” specifically, she’s come to appreciate the importance of never half-assing anything. As she told the SXSW crowd:

“I didn’t want to look at the rom-com as something small. I wanted to have big set pieces, and Will did such an incredible job at really amping up those set pieces in this film. I think that by creating an environment on set where we truly had so much fun and we just shared in all of that love and excitement while we were filming, the audience felt that on screen. I hope that I can create more projects where you feel that love, you feel that energy and the audience can walk away wanting that as well.”

Judging by the early buzz around “Immaculate” (which premiered at SXSW), she’s already put that lesson into motion. You can check out Sweeney’s nunsploitation flick for yourself when it opens in theaters on March 22, 2024. 

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