Sukihana Admits She Doesn’t Let Her Kids Listen To Her Music & Explains Why (VIDEO)


One thing about Sukihana: she’s an alert mama! In a recent interview, the rapper admitted that her kids do not listen to her raunchy tunes. She also encouraged other parents to adopt the same restriction.

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According to HotNewHipHop, Suki is the mother of three children, two boys and a girl. While she often reminds folks she’s a mom, Suki regularly keeps her children out of her controversial spotlight.

Sukihana Explains Why She Keeps Her Music & Kids Apart

Suki spoke about her music’s raunchy nature on a June 1 episode of the ‘My Expert Opinion with Math Hoffa’ podcast. About halfway into the nine-minute video, the ‘Hood Rats’ artist admitted to turning her music off around her little ones.

“Who I look like letting my kids listen to my music? I’m an adult entertainer. You know, so like, I make, like, vulgar music and just like hip hop…I wouldn’t let my babies…” Suki said.

When one of the show’s hosts asked her daughter’s age, she swerved the question and stuck to the topic at hand.

“…What I will tell you is: I feel like kids should be kids. Just like I monitor who my kids listen to, I still wouldn’t let my kids listen to me. Maybe one day I’ll make a children’s song, and they’ll listen to that,” Sukihana said.

When someone in the barbershop — where the podcast was being filmed — inquired whether Suki wanted other parents to do the same, she affirmed that notion.

“They should, ’cause I wasn’t allowed to listen to Lil’ Kim when I was coming up,” the rapper said, saying her mother forbade it.

Sukihana added that her mother didn’t play that and also took her DMX and Tupac tapes as a young child. She continued by saying her sons and daughter might listen to a select few rappers, but overall, she’s careful about certain shows, movies, and TV shows. To wrap up her point, the mother of three said, “Watch your children.” 

Rapper Says She Takes Responsibility For Her Music

Even though Suki expects parents to monitor their kids, she also takes responsibility for her rated x tunes.

“I ain’t gon’ lie, I will take responsibility for something tho, and I feel like me growing up now… because people watched me from the beginning, and they see me now, and they still think I’m over there,” she said. “But I have grown, and I have matured as a woman, so I do plan on making more music that children can listen to because I do have an influence on… a lot of people, and I know that I have to change it up because that’s what I’m here to do.”

The rapper said she always asks God to use her “as a vessel” through her comedy or influence to “maybe somehow in a weird world bring them to him.” She added, “I ain’t ’bout to be talking ’bout sucking d**k forever; I’m tired of it; I’m done with that.” 

Watch the whole interview below to see Suki’s comments.  

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