Why The Streaming Binge Model Doesn’t Work, According To One TV Exec [ATX Festival] – SlashFilm


You know, it’s nice hearing directly from the decision-makers themselves and realizing that the top executives in Hollywood aren’t, in fact, entirely out of touch. During the Presidential Forum panel at ATX Festival, Paramount’s Nicole Clemens gave her very insightful reasons why the studio has generally opted for weekly releases with their various shows. Referencing a “hybrid” method that involves premiering with three episodes at once before shifting to one every subsequent week (as Prime Video plans to do with season 4 of “The Boys” in just a few short weeks), Clemens gave this thoughtful answer:

“My favorite is three (episodes) and then weekly. I’m speaking as a studio, not a streamer, in this case. The problem with the binge drop is that (…) again, it’s not one size fits all, there are some shows that do very well with the binge model, but you lose the opportunity to have the water-cooler conversation. To show up (to work) and be like, ‘Hey, have you seen the show?’ If I say I binged the show this weekend, you go, ‘Oh great, I don’t want to talk about it because I don’t want to ruin it for you.’ You are thinking, ‘Well, it’s available whenever and I’ll get to it,’ and then the conversation dies. But if I say, ‘I watched the first two episodes and it’s insane, it’s so amazing,’ you catch up and then we talk about it.”

For Sony’s Katherine Pope, “Shōgun” was the peak example of a weekly release naturally building up “anticipation” for each episode … but, that said, it’s difficult to dismiss the success of “Fallout” after opting for the binge release. We all have our preferences in this great debate, but the jury remains out.

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