Stormy Daniels Likens Donald Trump’s MAGA Fans To ‘Suicide Bombers’


The former adult entertainer compared them to “suicide bombers” while reflecting on the increasing threat she has received from them ahead of Trump’s hush money trial.

She had recently revealed in her documentary why she collected Trump’s hush money to hide their alleged affair.

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Stormy Daniels Claims The Threats From MAGA Fans Have Worsened


Appearing on “The View,” Daniels reflected on how she has once again become the target of MAGA supporters as Trump’s hush money trial approaches.

The adult film star had previously faced a similar attack in 2018 when her alleged relationship with Trump first came to light. At the time, she received messages mostly about her being “a gold digger” and other terms “mostly associated with my job.”

Now, she claims that the harassment and threats from them are much worse this time around in terms of the terms used against her.

Without mincing words, Daniels claimed that Trump’s fanatics are “more vicious,” adding that it was due to them being “encouraged.” However, she did not directly reference the former president as the instigator.

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She added, “They’re more like suicide bombers this time around, where they honestly, truly believe that they are being patriotic and that I am the devil.”

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The Adult Star Claimed Some Of Her Harrassers Text With Their Real Numbers

Daniels also joked about the lack of tact from some of her MAGA harassers, claiming that some even send her messages with their real numbers.

“I’ve had people text me from their actual phone number,” she stated. “And I’m just like, of course, you’re a Trump supporter because you’re not even good at being bad!”

As to how she feels about being embroiled in this situation again, Daniels said it all feels very weird like a “time-warped” event.

She continued, “And the sad part about it is, or the tricky part, is that I had started to do really well, things had gotten quiet. I had moved, you know, my daughter was able to go back to school and things like that. And then suddenly the indictment happens and all of this stuff. So it was like, 2018 all over again.”

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Donald Trump Has Maintained He Never Paid Stormy Daniels Any Hush Money

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Donald Trump has since denied paying Daniels $130,000 to buy her silence. He has also denied falsifying his business records to hide the payment, which was reportedly made via his then-lawyer, Michael Cohen.

The former president was initially scheduled to be tried on March 25 on charges stemming from falsifying his records to hide the payment.

However, the trial has been postponed, and no new date has been set after the judge overseeing the case agreed to consider the prosecution’s motion to delay the trial.

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In their motion, the prosecution mentioned receiving “approximately 31,000 pages of additional records” from the U.S. Attorneys’ Offices, per The Guardian. They also claimed that upon an “initial review” of the batch they received, it contained “materials related to the subject matter of this case.”

Based on the circumstances, they argued that they needed additional time to review the documents and adequately prepare their case.

A Judge Rejected Donald Trump’s Request To Stop Stormy Daniels & Michael Cohen From Testifying

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In a recent development related to the “hush money” trial, the judge overseeing the case, Judge Juan Merchan, opposed Trump’s request to stop Daniels and his former lawyer, Michael Cohen’s testimony.

The Republican presidential hopeful claimed in a previous court filing that Daniels and Cohen’s testimony was unimportant to the case. However, Judge Merchan thought otherwise, insisting that the duo’s testimony was integral to the case.

According to the judge, the two witnesses are crucial to the narrative of Trump’s accusations regarding the payments of hush money and the subsequent fabrication of company documents to hide them.

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Judge Merchan’s ruling also allows prosecutors to summon former Playboy model Karen McDougal and former Trump World Tower doorman Dino Sajudin as witnesses in addition to Daniels and Cohen during the trial.

Both McDougal and Sajudin claimed they were also bought off to keep quiet about damaging allegations made about Trump.

Stormy Daniels Accepted The Hush Money To Create A Paper Trail For Her Protection

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Meanwhile, Daniels recently revealed why she accepted the hush money from Trump. In a scene from the documentary, “Stormy,” Daniels claimed she did so to create “a paper trail and money trail linking me to Donald Trump so that he could not have me killed.”

The adult film star also revealed why she did not reject the billionaire mogul’s request for s– during their meeting decades ago.

“I didn’t say no because I just, I was 9 years old again,” Daniels said, referencing the alleged sexual abuse she faced at the hands of a neighbor.

Regarding whether the s– with Trump was consensual, Daniels asserted that it was. However, she noted that it wasn’t something she genuinely desired.

“To this day, I blame myself and I have not forgiven myself because I didn’t shut his a– down in that moment, so maybe make him pause before he tried it with someone else,” Daniels added, per NPR. “The hardest part about all of this is I feel like I am partially responsible for every woman that could have come after me.”

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