The OG Speaks! Stevie Wonder Weighs In On Drake And Kendrick Lamar’s Rap Beef (WATCH)


Stevie Wonder recently weighed in on Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s intense rap beef.

TMZ reports the legendary musician stated the war on wax is a distraction from real issues in the world.

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Stevie Shares His Thoughts On The Rap Beef

The outlet’s cameraman told the 73-year-old, “I know you’re a peaceful guy, and a lot of people are saying that this is bad for the culture…”

“Any kind of war is bad for the world,” Stevie responded.

Drake is talented, and Kendrick is like a cultural icon, so it’s kind of hard to see these guys… does it give you any bad feelings seeing these two guys in this position?” the cameraman asked.

“I have no bad feelings,” Stevie replied. “I just think that the world needs to focus on what’s going on. ‘Cause those things are just distractions.”

The icon asked, “Do you know the wars that’s going on right now? Do you know the homelessness that’s going on right now?”

“TMZ, can’t you see?” he quipped with a smile.

Roommates React To Stevie Wonder’s View

Musical maestro Michael Bearden said, “Steveland is a longtime friend. (since I was in my teens) he sees and feels the world so deeply! if you know him even a little bit, you can hear the delicate balance of restraint and message! forever a fan! a universal treasure!”

“Listen to the elders. He is blind but he can SEE,” @kadiimusic added.

@shenika_joness wrote, “Why would he even ask Stevie Wonder out if all ppl that? He is not worried about them.”

“He’s not wrong, Israel invaded rafah same day as met gala and during the feud it was bombing everywhere,” he said.

“So two things can’t happen at the same time? We can’t divulge in the rap beef AND be concerned about other issued in the world?” @jenantoinette said.

@altonkiin stated, “The interviewer pivoted. Imagine getting to talk to Stevie and you ask about Drake & Kendrick.”

As previously reported by The Shade Room, the rap beef between Drake and several rappers may have spilled over from diss records to real life. Drake’s bodyguard was shot multiple times, and a man also tried to run up to his mansion just days later. However, it remains unconfirmed whether the incidents and the rap beef are indeed connected.

Maybe Stevie has a point.

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