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Most of the clones have armor with white as the base color, but Doom’s is gray. His armor’s torso section, from the shoulders to the knees, is colored green but with some yellow highlights. Like Doctor Doom, he has a brown belt that leads down into a battle kilt. The outer pieces of his visored helmet are green while his face mask is gray, mimicking Doctor Doom’s green hood and mask combo.

Some have theorized that the influence of Doctor Doom in “Star Wars” runs deeper and that Darth Vader was inspired by the Lord of Latveria. Both villains are sorcerers who wear armor to conceal substantial burn scars. Prolific comic artist Alex Ross noted the similarities and drew a wonderful picture of Vader and Doom squaring off.

George Lucas has not (to my knowledge) outright said he was thinking of Doom when conceiving Vader. But if he was, I can’t blame him. Kirby’s Doom is like Steve Ditko’s classic Spider-Man suit; an artist struck gold on the first try and any attempt to rework the design will always be a distant second.

Attempts to give Doom metal skin, like in the comic “Ultimate Fantastic Four” or the woebegone 2015 “Fantastic Four” film? Disasters. I have a soft spot for Doom’s look in the cartoon “Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes” (which fuses the cape and tunic into an open-chested cloak), but I’d still take the original. Doom’s white outfit in “Secret Wars” works thematically, for he’s ascended as God Emperor Doom, but green is still his color at the end of the day; his driving motivation is envy towards Reed Richards (though he’d never call his grudge by that name).

60 years after his debut, Doctor Doom’s unchanged armor proves some things don’t need to be fixed.

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