Star Wars: Tales Of The Empire Takes Us Back To A Key Location From The Mandalorian Season 2 – SlashFilm


Corvus is important in the grand scheme of storytelling, as it was the place where Ahsoka first met the youngling Grogu and revealed his name to the world inside its blackened forests. That’s also where she set Din Djarin and Grogu on their path to find Luke Skywalker and begin Grogu’s journey to recover his memory and ultimately reject the life of the Jedi in favor of staying with his adoptive father.

It’s always an important thing when two of the most popular characters in “Star Wars” meet, and Ahsoka and Grogu are no exception. The setting was quite breathtaking, with the dark forests drenched in moonlight feeling both eerie and spiritual, a perfect place where two former Jedi could commune with each other with Din Djarin watching on. It also offered the incredible imagery of seeing Ahsoka and her white lightsabers make their live-action TV debut in the charred forest, fighting against Elsbeth’s stooges. Plus, Ahsoka went on to fight Morgan within Calodan as well. It was a well-designed location, and seeing it adapted into the world of “Star Wars” animation was breathtaking, especially since we see how different it was before our introduction in “The Mandalorian.”

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