Mara Jade, Luke Skywalker’s Discarded, Once-Villainous Wife In Star Wars, Explained – SlashFilm


Why do people love Mara Jade so much? For starters, she encompassed the best aspects of the EU and none of its weaknesses. She was a morally complicated character who began as an antagonist only to evolve into a selfless figure. Her character arc was complex and challenged the “Star Wars” franchise’s traditionally black-and-white outlook towards morality. Years before “Andor” gave us the most mature and adult “Star Wars” story of the Disney era, the EU explored similar thematic territory with “Heir to the Empire” and other books centered on Mara. As with Luthen Rael from “Andor,” Mara was a hardened soul capable of adapting as needs be, but would learn to make herself emotionally vulnerable to the right people (like Luke).

Despite Filoni’s ongoing efforts to repurpose elements of “Heir to the Empire” for the post-Disney canon (which will culminate with his upcoming “Star Wars” movie), there’s been no indication that Mara is part of those plans. Still, if I may be so bold, I see no reason why Mara couldn’t be folded back into a galaxy far, far away. There’s nothing in the post-Disney canon to contradict the notion of Palpatine having had an assassin at the time of the original trilogy; goodness knows the man had no shortage of secret schemes. For that matter, there’s even room for the idea of Luke having gotten married at some point between the original trilogy and “The Last Jedi.” (Mark Hamill himself has said that he believes Luke had sex, dammit.) Besides, who says Mara has to remain beholden to her tragic EU fate?

As a wise man once observed, “Ain’t no rule says a dog can’t play basketball!” Those are words that the Lucasfilm “Star Wars” Story Group’s own head honcho Pablo Hidalgo lives by, and Mara deserves a life beyond the EU graveyard.

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