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As part of the interview, Frey asked Hidalgo about the struggle of working on “Obi-Wan Kenobi,” where the events of the two main characters were fairly well-charted and where people have assured themselves that they knew what had happened in between. He replied:

“There were a couple of things that gave us the confidence to move forward. Part of that was interfacing with George. Early on, there was a conversation had with George over what his thoughts were and whether or not, honestly, he bought the whole concept of taking Obi-Wan and Vader into this, and he was 100% supportive. I’ve heard tell that it’s been one of (his) favorite things that’s come out of ‘Star Wars,’ because he recognizes so much of what he did in the prequels basically brought forward and celebrated in a way that I’m sure surprised him. I’m sure everyone who was involved in the prequels feels the appreciation that was put into that series.”

Hidalgo further talked about the big swings the show took that I know I personally was grateful for. As one of those big prequel fans from the beginning, it paid a respect to the era and the style of storytelling George Lucas pioneered, and it was a lot of very emotional fun. The series also filled in gaps in the character arcs of many of our favorite characters. 

It’s also interesting to note that the folks at Lucasfilm still respect and take in the opinion of George Lucas before embarking on some of these projects, making Hidalgo an important liaison between the creatives and the maker himself.

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